Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I woke up today,really reluctant with ma mums voice ringing in ma head that i am gonna be late for work....finally got outta bed had a shower and got to work...sed a prayer..but i just was n't feeling right..then i got on the internet and got lost in ma black girl long hair ish..well about the hair i've made up ma mind to do without relaxers and see how treating ma hair naturally goes ; ).i knw it'll be cool tho...m 10months on without relaxers and i'm loving so so so so many things on ma mind..probably wats weighing me v been stabbing driving classes, not been doing ma exercises, vnt been reading for ma SOD test, man ishs, masters ish and all dat..well i guess i'll just v to take it all a step at a tym so it doesnt get to me..but btw i get calls frm those that lift ma spirits and remind ma that i'm loved and all dat mushy's almost close of work think i'll smoke some shisha and clear ma head....then read for ma SOD test..exercise??..hmm..tomorrow...
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