Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Totally Random

  1. I lawv music a lot(all genre i just gotta lawv d bit and know the lyrics)totally lawvn naija music more tho it puts a spark in me brain if u know wat i mean
  2. I have a lotta female friends
  3. I love eating ice cubes : )
  4. I have a Maed sweet tooth; gimme chocolates,sweet and all
  5. I lawv dancing, thats ma stress reliever
  6. I have full lips
  7. I lawv shoes
  8. I find sleeping very easy, all i need to do is close my eyes..
  9. I can eat buckets of food and i don't add a thing..guess i got fast metabolism..dnunno..
  10. I make friends easily
  11. I try to keep fit and follow healthy living tips
  12. I really wanna go to a spa sometym and be xtremely pampered..working on it
  13. I lawv bball even tho v neva playd i will l8r on
  14. I like tall people admire fine people
  15. Relationships and get comma..
  16. I think a lot..its really bad..even in church..once i wake up in the morning.
  17. I write stuff in ma diary..random..spendings..all kinds at the end of each rally helps me
  18. I lawv having fun and try t be meself at all tyms and really dnt give a damn wat u tink if u don't matter
  19. i lawv mixing ma world there's no such tin as colour riot only pattern riot..i design and modern clothes in dat world
  20. i lawv green i think its the coolest color ever
  21. i hate dirty and untidy pips..their attitude to cleanliness really pisses me off
  22. I'll go outta ma way to make those i care about happy and comfy
  23. I lawv ma stature and who i am
  24. When i make up my mind on something i stick to it
  25. I'm a hopeless romantic and somehow thru all d goods and bads i still believe in love if u dont..jump in a
  26. i'm bout 5'8 tall
  27. i'll be 29 in ten years
  28. My eyes and hair are black
  29. i can speak one nigerian language...yoruba..working on adding hausa to it tho
  30. My favorite drink is water
  31. i like having ma tea as lipton with honey and other way

till further notice..........................

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