Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Been A while

Its been a vewi long while i blogeed and i have missed it lyk crazy alots happend in that period...guy BFF's buff-dae which was mad fun, frnds getn sometyms stressful job..buying of clothes and shoes,...sleeping,eating,waking up,parent's wedding anniversary,relatives giving birth,..waiting for ma admission to school,.....etc........oh well..i'll try to be more diligent this tym arnd.but for now dere's real not much goin on ma friends buff-dae is 2mw,ma church's anniversary is dis friday-sunday,ma uncle is getn married on the 30th.thats bout it for now and still hoping and praying ma school admission works out..guess i just gotta leave it all in His dts off ma chest its back to work...l8r.
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