Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Dancing & Exercise

Dancing is such a fun kind of exercise even tho i been lazy recently...procrastinating my sit-ups and leg-ups and little yoga stunts...i feel myself getting stiff..arrgh..gotta focus need to be fit ma only form of exercise lately is walking from the junction to work and ma morning stretches..not good enuf tho..and v not been eating ma fruits as usual and can feel the change in ma body and hair promise to get back on track even if i just start on weekends..i dancing too...hmmm..wat else..oh yh and drinking lots of i come Fitness!! 26-06-09 Yipee!! i'm so proud of myself after ma resolution to start exercising again i actually stuck with it, when i got home from work i did 20sit-ups, 10 leg-ups, jogged around a bit and did some not so stressful yoga stretches...proud of me> ; ) and i almost forgot i danced like crazy with ma friend..felt ma muscles wounded...but it also felt very good..m glad m gettin back in shape plus v been eating ma veggies and drinking lots of i actually did 50situps dis mornin..culdnt do leg ups was late for work...m feelin so good if i can keep dis up i'll be fit in no time altho i have to start eating fruits again..oh yh i took one bite of an apple dat counts...
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