Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hypocrisy or Sincerity

O.k....here's wat happened ma cousin got pregnant yeah pregnant...and she's not yet married which on theNigerian scene is a total catastrophe....can't blame them or can i...the thing is she's 29 yrs old so i really dont see wat they yapping about i believe she's old enough to take responsibility for her actions without anybody stressing her, thats another thing, she decided to keep the baby and that jjust caused anoda drama in the house...imagine the so-called"christians" in the house want her to get an abortion ...i dont get which sin is greater in their books fornication or murder...then again guess its the same in their books...arrgh almost went crazy yesterday when she told me they wanted her to still g ahead and get rid of the baby after she'd told 'em she wanted to keep the baby..i mean it just makes sense she's old enuf..like duh almst 30...her juniors and mates have like 2 or 3 running around..plus men are scarce these days not to talk of good ones i just dnt get y they are all against her having her kid and they all trying to stress her...i mean are they tryna tell me 2wrongs=right...she's trying to make the best of the situation..and i'm really proud of her 'cos if i were in her shoes i'd be devastated confused,etc to say the least and i'll totally understand ma parents yelling at me cos m still young regardless if ma mates have kids and i have my whole life ahead of me..wouldnt just make much sense having a kid now.....reminds of when one of ma aunts got pregnant in school and decided to keep the baby and dint tell no one bout it till she was like 8 mnths gone..totally understand now 'cos they'd have either pressured her into getting rid of the baby or made her life hell..she gave birth to her kid..finished school and is working....apart from it being murder sef dnt tink ppl look at the risks enough..every1 just wants to save face and act dignified even when the case is totally opposite...like she could die in the process from excess bleeding or smtn like that,she could destroy her womb,etc....i believe in the long run keeping the baby makes more sense and if u find a man that cant deal with ur baby in the long run he's not worth it and doesnt really love you like he says....
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