Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ma Hair & Stuff

Took out ma weave yesterday and pourin that cool water on ma hair had neva felt so good....lav the texture of ma hair..i'm totally feeling ma natch ish..wink* after conditioning and combing..sadly lost some hair but ts all good i guess i towel dried and applied ma treatment...hmmm..olive-oil,then wrapped the hair up and went to bed..feling great after having a well...woke up today feeling great got a ride to work....lucky me cos it was raining..wink* to work in ma good spirits...think its partly cos of ma hair..but then cant be sure m just saying ..then went for a marketing meeting with clients..had ma waffles v been craving sharwama.. and am eating away..wonder how i getaway with eating all this stuff and not adding a pin..all ma fat friends envy me...gotta thank God for that...mehn ma fingers are aching so l
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