Monday, 29 June 2009

random thot brewing since saturday

ok 1stly m supposed to close from dis office tomorrow..gotta get t internet..2ndly gotta transfer all ma docs from ma office system to ma laptop btw today and m feelin much beta today took some medication saturday..m hungry's death just dawned on me yesterday when i was listening to his songs made me real sad and i actually cried...very rare trust me i rarely cry when people die even those close to me..think thats just how i was configured so u knw just how bad the realization hit me..listening to keep it in the closet..i hope he died of natural causes cos if some1 killed him that's very m transferring ma docs to ma laptop now and clearing ma desk of all pending...its funny how some things u think u've locked up jolt u to reality..a twist of the arm and feeling of helplessness brings memories of that guy u were crazy bout tho he used to hit on u..think its the feeling of helplessness that takes ur voice..humming somebody's watching me...had so many things i wanted to blog bout but they all seem to be flying outta ma head, so annoying and i dnt like writing stuff down no more people just like snooping round (guess its human nature 'cos i also do it i got thinkn yest bout how unfit i've become..i cant do ma chinese bend no more and some things i used to do wtht stress b4 now really i made up my mind to keep ma star player motivated and looking as fly as possible..despite how ill i was feeling and ma sad micheal mood...i lookd for ma old videos i loved dancing to in school piled them all up and played each of them and danced ma heart out and trust me i haven't felt that good in a while after that i got on ma ass did 50 situps..did i mention i used to do a hundred of it with legups and yoga, etc every morning in school, wth extras on saturdays mayb 200..u may ask y i stopped..mehn! i got lazy and no more motivation, then there were so many flabby bellies around to keep me goin not to get 1 and d compliments were also a great boost plus i had friends to work out with, but the ones here just don't care tho cos ma mind is made up and after the situps and legups yest and stretches and the way ma body hurt i knew i had to keep i cant wait to get rid of this braids i got on wanna feel ma hair and pour water on it....i need a new wardrobe is good abeg..well sha vewi soon ..i'll take me time but 1 things 4 sure m gonna earn that tho..its so funny how things just seem to work out for me wtht really being in the plan..frm nursery sch's death just dawned on me again probably 'cos i'm still listening to his songs..who is it..i would totally understand if a public holiday is declared 'cos of him cos he affected the whole world..while watching my Zee cinema yst micheal was also on the news and believe it or not they also got some steps from him for their indian songs from him...made me sad i totally love indian movies, cant get enough of them,was up till late watching Zee...mehn! life wuld be so dead without music glad there's music in the world.i feel like looking natural today so dint put make-up on..i can feel my skin breathe, ma sunscreen's fininshed o gotta buy a new 1, mehn! dey should pay my salary quickly o..popc has gone back lag..m happy dont blame me or call me we dnt get along that well when w c..distance totally works for us,although i enjoyd his stay o...i need a new system..and i wanna convert d hard disc in ma old system into an external..i'll sort that out later...
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