Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Environment

Been attending this international conference on renewable energy and it's extremely insightful and i've actually come to c that we have brains in this country (Nigeria) and lots of ideas our main issue is implementation of these ideas plus we are extremely blessed in this country and can actually be giants in every term of the word if only people would suppress their greed and aim of acquiring wealth and think of one another for a doesn't v to be the government as we always say the government is made up of people like u and me...if there were total darkness on a street and u alone put a lamp in front of ur building before long people will c the light and emulate..we shouldn't always wait for the govt...there's so much more i'v gained from this conference i'd like to share but as u know m a lazy blogger though in due time l post it..also we have to start thinking bout our environment,climatic change,greenhouse gases,etc...until we let go of our selfish desires and wealth accruement for family there will not be positive be cnt..oh plus i took this time to figure out ma temperament..strenghts/weaknesses so i can work on it...i'm a m making up for ma weakness by concentrating on ma strengths and trying to discipline myself in areas i think the world would also be a better place if we all take time to study ourselves figure out our temperaments and learn how to work on it to help better relation with other temperaments.
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