Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hmm..been a while

I know i know it's been a while since i posted and i have so many things to post about tho they all just flew outta ma head..lol..well well for now i'm attending an international conference on renewable energy and after that will be goin for ma friends wedding before i head back to abuja and figure out what to do with myself so thankfully for now i'm occupied.....i'm reading this book by Tim Lahaye (Why you act the way you do) and trying to get to understand my temperament and all that ish so i can work better on myself..will update this post with what i gained from the book when i'm done reading..cheers for now..and i will try to put up pictures v taken...d connection is just so damnn slow sometimes its very frustrating..plus my hair is under weave for now think after this l do ma big chop wait a while then lock it cos m really feeling the length no..ok thats a summary of whats been goin down...adios@!
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