Tuesday, 11 August 2009


ma braiding
Wakeema Hollis ,lawv her and tink we got more than 1 thing in common c if u can spot 'em...wink :)* Me
Me on weave
Me on twists
finally uploaded some pics n m gonna put some more up..i braided ma hair and i'm carrying it around for the 1st time and i'm actually lawvn it, den deres the man drama in ma life(sortin)...smoked apple flavour shisha today and it was so coooolll..i gotta totally have it in ma house...then m trying to sort out ma sch sturvs after finally gettin ma offer..guess m just gonna take things 1 at a time and it'l be alryt.......home alone wt ma mama kinda cool kinda annoyn but l survive..lol...hmmm wat else..guess tha ts it for now..oh yh m workin on ma french....au revoir...sooo cccuuuuuuulll...lol...soon i'll be able to confidently say Je parle francais....aite..ciao!
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