Friday, 20 November 2009

Na wa o!!

Mehn! it was a beautiful day on the 18th of November, i went to NIIT class, saw a friend then went to French class, then on ma way home from around 8pm, ma beautiful day went sour. I was walking by the side of the road with my friend and the this car drives up slowly beside me, a guy brings half of his body out the window and drags ma bag off ma shoulder after hitting my hand with his gun to halt my struggling and they zoom off. i was stunned 'cos all this happened in like 10 seconds..i dint feel good at all 'cos that bag contained a lot of things. This happened in Zone 4, Abuja on the narrow road by PHCN, there are no street lights there.
They definitely hit a Jackpot...ID cards, ATM cards, phones, make-up not less dan 20k in all, gold jewelry i was planning to change at Wuse Market (all hail the queen of procrastination), ma class notes, diary, flash drives, camera, memory cards (with all my grad pics).. and money (luckily i had made most of the payments i needed t)..u name it they were all in dat bag.My friend gave me cash to bus home..but i v gotten over the loss and yesterday i retrieved ma lines and blocked ma ATMs. 
In everything give thanks, i do, coulda been worse, i coulda been shot, on top bag; i know God will replace all i lost with even better things. My mum sed its 'cos December is around the corner, thieves are now more desperate, 'bout two weeks ago my friends phone was stolen from her bag while we were at the bus stop about to go to the redemption camp in Keffi; guess we gotta be more careful b4 they steal us in their desperation. I'm in a better mood now and getting over the theft of ma bag and the items in it, the most painful was my diary and memory cards with my pics funny enough. God dey...i have learnt from this experience, would never have guessed Abuja would be the place for me t get robbed and in the streets for that matter.
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