Sunday, 10 January 2010


The title of this post is so like some sci-fi movie year..Thank God for allowing me, my family, relatives and friends make it into the new year..i got so many resolutions made..some i'll post some i won't and by his grace i hope i'll be able to stick to them 'cos if there's one thing v come to realise it's that we need His help in every step we take. 2009
is a year i won't forget in a hurry. i love writing because it keeps me focused,i can track my progress and back-track on past events and i must say it has helped me in self-analysis and to improve on my person over time. My main resolution in 2009 was to abstain from alcohol and i was able to stick to that eve up till now. I took my NIIT course and started attending french school and was able to sit for the A2 i can say i dint waste d 5months i had after youth service.i can say the exit from 2009 into 2010 was full of hope for better achievements.....
Truly it sounds like one of the years i thought i'd never see 'cos rapture (the coming of Christ) would have taken place. i enter this year full of hopes, dreams, plans, goals and resolutions.
I termed this year the year of New beginnings
My Resolutions
  1. Develop a closer relationship with God
  2. Be diligent in paying of tithes and offering
  3. Stick to #resolution
  4. Improve on me all round and be the best i can
  • Time Management - Wake up Early, Be Punctual to work, Come home early, Don't Procrastinate
  • Health - Exercise, bathe and brush before bed,have regular medical check-ups, eat fruits, eat healthy
  • Mental - Read more, learn more
  • Extra Curricular - Take swimming lessons and salsa class
  • Anger Management - try to be more patient, humble and listen.
  • Family - Help out more at home, spoil my mum and siblings
  • Languge - Keep improving on french and Hausa skills
  • Blog - at least once a week except wen there's no internet
  • Friends - Shed off leeches and Keep in touch with true friends
  • Truth - Be more truthful and honest

Well..that's it for help me God..Amen

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