Sunday, 31 January 2010

Babies,coneption and the likes!!

Everything about babies amazes me, from when the millions of sperm are released and one his he egg to form a foetus to their growth in the womb,to when they are conceived lookin as tiny as imaginable or smtimes even tinier than immagined, to them sucking on their mother's birth,to the growing up..hmm...thats a lot of stages which i pray to experience someday..while in church today babies just kept going in and outta ma hands,either asleep or to eat or the likes...i love kids but babies even more,their frgility supercedes me and is incomprehensible,some the stature of their mothers who might have gained not more than an extra pound and some that gain loads of pounds..Children are a beautiful gift from God regardless of ther sex or the no.s in which they come..i noticed babies r attracted to me and me to themm..really cant say why but somehow i manage to make them smile and even the ones that wouldnt allow anyone apart frm their mother carry them i have succeded in wooing even if not for a long tym..if not that it isnt bibical or morally right to have a child outside wedlock..i believe i would have had 1..i can hardly wait to experience how it feels to be connected to another being by my umblical cord..God kep me till then ad make it i haven't come across any ugly baby..even the deformed ones have innocence as a sort of beauty,their large goo goo eyes and pupils..aww...can't wait to have mine
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