Monday, 1 February 2010

Happy Nu Month!!

Nigeria is blessed..was thinking bout all these countries experiencing hurricanes,tornados,earthquakes,tsunamies,flood,land slide and other natural far as i knw our worst natural disaster here is flood..we have every reason to give thanks to God..we have human resources,mineral resources,capital,land,water,etc in abundance...even if we don't make the best use of it..Singapore for example which cut out of Malaysia have to buy their water and they don't have much land so they have to build storey buildings and skyscrapers and we have more human resources than they do..yet their economy is far stronger than ours..and i believe it is because the people and the leaders want their country to move forward so they work together obeying set down rules and punishing those who go against it regardless of their position in authority..afterall it is the people who make up the country....Nigerians have diverse orientation,some don't care,some care 'bout themselves and their immediate family,some aim to make a change but do not have the capacity to,some just want their share of the national cake..and so on and so forth..Like Ribadu and ElRufai who have made commendable changes but are now being hunted down...people aren't motivated to do much than keep body and soul together...Nigeria can be much more than it is..if we all join our heads together in the right direction..there'll be a change...even with our corrupt leaders...
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  1. happy nu month jare!
    I totally agree... 9ja is so blessed!
    I think I'll rather go with the Man-made corruption, failure and the rest, than "natural disasters".

    I hear say na bcos of too much voodoo(juju) na why that kine big earthquake happen 4 haiti.
    Abeg, help me tell all the 9ja people u know say make them stop to they use "juju"... OR ELSE???

  2. Happy nu month girlie! :D, it is well!


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