Monday, 18 January 2010


It took all ma willpower for me to be bloggin today..i was in a mad traffic on my way to work and had a repeat on ma way bk home. i had to jump right int the shower on gettin home to clear ma head else i woulda just fallen into bed ...which would have been disastrous cos i gotta prepare 4 2mw..dint do much at work 2dy..ordered sm clothes online from my friend who makes 'em i gotta admit they're really cool and i'm reallly proud of how far he's gone to say the least.. French school is goin on well, thanks be 2God 'cos i really dunno hw i gt d strength to do all these things...haha that reminds me i forgot to mention that my cousin whom i blogged about earlier that was pregnant has given birth to a baby gal...yup.and i'm her Godmother, i named her Anjolaoluwa(we r enjoying the riches/grace of God)anjie for short and i plan to go visit her with gifts as soon as i can get off work...that's 'bout it for now...a demain..
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