Thursday, 28 January 2010


It's been agood day so far,dint face trn,what could be better!! even though i'v been kinda brk i kip getin just enuff cash to get me throygh the day..what can i do but thank God for this...i got ma freen contacts yst..i been dreaming to have them and i finally online is me to post pics..soonest and also of my hair which i have to say i'm xtremely pleased about it's growth.hmm...I AM PROUDLY NIGERIAN..anyday but it's hard to keep being proud of your country wen there r so many f*ups..1st the President iss AWOL and did not pass authority down to the vice which leaves me wondering if he expects the country to be at a standstill till his return. I also think the constitution should be reviewed 'cos i dnt understand why the vice-president is more or less a dummy until power is handed over to him by the president and which translates that he is irrelevant when the President is on seat..i think a Vicis supposed to support the head whether present or absent..else what is he being paid for...that aside we move to the 23yr old "terrorist".....Mutallab..i wonder what got into him nad he's supposed to be learned now he has singlehandedly managed to get Nigeria on the blacklist like things were not bad enuff already;...then we move to th Jos Crisis where the muslims are just making mincemeat of Chistians, it is quite appalling the extent of religious conflicts in this country..some may say its because of illiteracy they are easily brain-washed but what can be said about some1 like Mutallab who is well-read and exposed...then we move to the Ministr of Foreign affairs who messed up during a tv show hardtalk where he spoke with so much disregard and inexperience for his position as far as i'm concerned,and a similar case with sahara reporters...what of anambra state that's without a governor..funny thing i wonder is how come we not yet at war like other countries which don't even have half of this issues and bomb themselves day and night..Nigerians are survivors they continue to exit even in the toughest conditions and for this i gotta give sm kudos 2 dem...I pledge to Nigeria my country to be \faithful,loyal and honest......
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  1. serve Nigeria with ol my heart
    and defend her unity! lol!
    i'm suprized i can remember that!
    nigeria is really turnin upside-down.
    But i seriously think that "Abdulmutallab"s case is a setup!(jus sayin).

  2. Mehn, i wish i could save Nigeria and save the world..these things just depress me.

    @Gamine dnt let it depress u they say in yoruba..a gbo iru e ri,a fi n deru ba oloro ni..ask sm1 4 translation.

  4. @jemima, yeah! how else can you xplain this;
    Irac has Oil-terrorist list
    Nigeria has Oil- terrorist list!
    Doesn't make any sense.


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