Sunday, 31 January 2010

My Green eyes and Natchi Hair(Nappy Head)

Love my green contacts..m getting blue 2mw..and i'm happy with ma hair growth only challenge is goin to the salon they always try to convince me to put relaxer and they just comb it anyhow...mchew!!!l survive shawish gamine were arnd to boost ma hair morale tho.i'm on ma afro kinky braids for now so i'm safe frm the salonists..a lady commented that she liked it,it looks full healthy and curly...i blushed a bit ...i knw ma' been kinda slack onmy exercising so i been walking more anddancing whenever i get the chane..mostly belly stuff tho i enjoy that..i've also been kinda slack on ma fruits intake..its gonna be better this month tho 'cos we fasting and m gonna be using strictly fruits to only challenge now remains brushin before bed..dunno y its so hardbut it is when i hve time i'll take a trip to the dentist mayb he'll find smtn to motivate me..or an alternative... I've learnt so far that to get rid of bad habits replace them with good ones...happy nu month!!
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  1. Gosh! i'm totally loving the contacts
    *winks seductively*
    dntcha 4get to upload pics when you get the blue ones o!


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