Sunday, 24 January 2010

Past week

This past week has been so stressful..walahi!shuttling bt french class and work..i gotta wake up by 5 to leave hm early 4wrk else i'll face crazy traffic and even with my early rise i spend nothing less than an hour going and 2 cmn back cos of sm stupidly positioned speed bumps and constuction work that's taking forever, then i gotta hussle and meet my target at work before heading to french sch and coming home,the annoying thing is i gotta work on saturday's also it really sucks but wat can i do...omo wa se o ri all though i give God thanx 'cos smtyms i wndr hw i get the strength..then i been listening to anthony hopkins how to read body's really insightful how our body speaks more non-verbally than verbally and how being able to decipher this language could help a situation,..had to save it on ma phone 'cos there's no time to listen to it i still go french school though and i have to say i'm gettin better..came across a title 'When No is Okay' in my Open Heaven's devotional and in summary it was talking 'bout when we pray to God for something and it seems we are not getting it it's either we r asking amiss or he's waiting for the right time or,there's smtn better than what we r asking for which requires a little we should learn not to presssure God into giving us less than He wants to.well that's bout it for now...gotta go to bed..i got an early call tomorrow...wish i had a machine tat could transl8 ma thot into blogs ..i always have a lotta things i wanna blog about but once i get on the page it all flies away..anyway..y'all have a great week ahead..l b back he here soon
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  2. I must say that you've been doing very well in updating your blog with posts. I very well remember the first time I visited your blog, you talked on how you will put more effort in making frequent posts and your french class.
    I am doing a self-study on French, I will need you to recommend three books that will greatly help me (any three books regardless of their volume or cost, just must be highest three of your recommendation list). I already have written 3/4 of the words in my French-to-English dictionary to aid my cramming, I have been taught on conjugasion and the pronunciation rules by a very nice french-crazy friend. I have also been using some secondary school materials like 'On y va'. My plan is to study it to the point where I'll give up, and then go for immersion in Benin Republic or do the Advance level at Alliance Francaise.
    If I might ask, what training are you undergoing at NIIT? I might have quite useful suggestions for you, that's if it borders around Database management, Networking, Office suite, Data Analysis, Networking, Programming and Linux/Unix.
    Two more things - Keep your blogging efforts up (I mean keep it up) and Bon chance.

  3. thank you so much..m flattered..i use micheal collins easy conversation with the free download,but so far the 1 dat has helped me best is my micheal thomas audio..i swear it's d ish..i wanna get the 2nd edition..ihadly v tym to read so i deal more in audio so i can listen to it wen m on the bus intraffic or less busy at work..i recommend le nouveau bescherelle 1. l'art de conjuguer dictionaire de 12000 verbs..its a red conjugation book..its quite insightful and helps with imparfait,passe compose,passe recent,etc..i'm supposed to get a new 1 frm a friend in sch wen i do i'll communicate to u...i commend ur zeal tho..i did office suite at NIIT i wanna try graphics or database bu dat depends on the kudi and time..merci revoir

  4. i'll try to keep up..not promising tho..

  5. I have written down your recommendations.
    Merci beaucoup.


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