Monday, 29 March 2010

Men and Cheating (pt 1)

According to GQ Apr 2007 pg 160 Davy Rotubart talking 'bout how men deal with their conscience when cheating...he says men blur the line o commitment e.g terming it 'thing while i'm away from home' or just a 'tryst online'. Most times men are/can be kind-hearted,responsible & commited;do the right thing and be faithful but also they wanna f**k the woman next to them,that they are married don't meant they'll be unattracted to women.when men are happy & in love et al it's less of a struggle but the attraction never goes away..there's always that 'Jimmy Cricket' voice saying "don't do it" while estimated 5% of men are satisfied with their wives, the other 95% will like to hook up with other women and find a way to silence jimmy like pinocchio did... The most challenging part is concealing 'it' or for some living with themselves afterwards, they find a way to convince themselves it isn't really cheating(that's when the use of term's for it comes in), each man has a different life is different and bends to specific needs & opportunities of a situation;there's no international standard for what constitutes infidelity,no manual....into this void fools rush; {making out doesn't count (not cheating if you don't have sex), Phone sex, BJ (she can't get pregnant by swallowing), going down on her, one-off thing,purely physical (cheating involves deep emotional component) lol..yh ryt!,prostitute(i'm paying for services and she's a professional), lap dance,Grinding (shooting a load ain't cheating..cmon!!),affair (i'm saving my marriage)..etc the list of conscience killers could go on forever and they actually work..toeing the line is irresistible;keep making excuses,boundaries for wrong you know u gonna cross and keep making new ones u still gonna cross to be continued.............
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  1. It takes self-control to do the right, a choice that has to be set, if not anything goes, sad.

  2. yup..sometimes i wonder why God gave us the right to choose about smthings he should have done military rule in some

  3. those kinds of men aren't real men though, and those kind arent my portion, return to sender!! its good to take time when it comes to marriage, because i see women jump into it knowing how their hubby was ( a womanizer) and when he cheats they act all surprised!! its my first time here btw, nice blog

  4. amen o..they aren't ma portion too but truth is we can only hope and pray 4d best..thanx


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