Thursday, 11 March 2010

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i have finally admitted i gotta start from somewhere if m gonna end up blogging all i v been writing in my in no particular order here गोएस: REHAB Celebrities and Rehab...Tiger woods got me thinking/writing this
According to GQ Apr 07,pg 72 The definition of rehab - an exit strategy, a formal escape from disgrace whose greatest virtue is lack of paparazzi. --Tiger woods for sex (after getting disgraced/exposed) --Whitney Houston for drug addiction --Rev. Ted Haggard disgraced by a male prostitute who he'd been having a 3yr meth-fueled affair with went to rehab for reparative treatment which lasted 3weeks lesson 1: when in trouble, act rehab as ur ultimate saviour and gain mass sympathy. --Grey's anatomy guy went to rehab for dramatic gay bashing (in other words expressing his opinion openly about the gay population) --San Francisco mayor Gavin Newson went to rehab for inappropiate fondling & banging of campaign mangaer(his best friend's wife) i can't help but wonder how rehab helpd that --Miss USA for excess boozing and coking --Britney for erratic shaving and being outta control Rehab has become the easy way for high profile types to pretend to take reponsibility for their actions while in actual fact assuming none. it provides unimpeachable cover and allows the famous point fingers everywhere but at themselves....and they go to rehab for various things ranging from drugs, alcohol to temper and sex.. the nigerian celebrities are yet to discover the luxury of rehab luckily for us they still think of it as a psychiatric hospital for crazy people (yaba left).mayb that is what has kept them safe and in line so time's up..l put up sm more soonest..
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