Thursday, 29 April 2010

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I miss the old days when ther were less things to worry 'bout,i'd look forward to watching cartoons when i came back from school especially on Channels television, the lines of colour with an annoying tune in the background that they'd always play before they'd start broadcasting, they'd say the news and then the cartoons would begin,some of my favorites were felix the cat,pinocchio,tom and jerry,voltron, etc. it was even more fun when it was raining heavily outside and NEPA decided to favour us with Light,i rily miss those dayz Channel was done with their cartoon they'd start their marathon news and we'd change to DBN days before Satelite TV came into our lives and we can now have cartoons all day long.There were less things to stress one out (politics,money making,fashion,etc.) Saturdays, after we were done with our lil chores, we'd all sit and watch the Charlie Boy show with Tunde & Wunmi Obe making us laugh our heads off (they were not yet married at the time),then they had the candid camera where they'd play pranks on were the times family really bonded, not now that err1 including ma lil siblings have got more important stuff to worry 'bout according to,school,exams.promotion,interview,games,etc.)
Now to grown up stuff and outta me daydreams,
  • Speaker of the House of representatives Bayero Nafada said that the National Assembly would create 10 new states, 5 from the North, 5 from the South next year...for more naija news on this you can click the vanguard link on the blog......
  • The INEC (Independent Electoral Commission) president Prof. Maurice Iwu has been finally sacked by our beloved Acting President Goodluck Jonathan hopefully someone to handle the position will take his place...for more naija news on this you can click the vanguard link on the blog...
  • The senate is probing Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima (former Governor of Zamfara State) over his alleged marriage to a 13yr old Egyptian girl, he was said to have paid a dowry of 15million naira and to have brought in and lodged her numerous family members from egypt in Protea Hotel for about a week.imagine the cost of the hotel bill(and they say there's no money in Nigeria mschew!)lots of women associations are protesting the alleged marriage apparently what he's doing is legal in the islam religion but illegal in the federal law..let's see who will prevail..for more news on this you can click the vanguard link/linda ikeji link on the blog
  • Dagrin is dead,Nigerian's mourn him..i liked 1 or two of his songs..oh well at least he got some hits out before leaving planet earth....for more entertainment news in naija click the linda ikeji link on the blog.
I wonder what's gonna happen with voting in Nigeria (2011) err1 seems desperate to lead the country IBB, Atiku, Goodluck. and the PDP party constitution clashing with the Federal constitution and all that wa o..Are we gonna have a fair election or will there be brutal killings,bribes,or war..God take control o..what voting system should be adopted that would serve the citizens of Nigeria best and not the corrupt money/power hungry politicians we have? Should we expect a 'free & fair' election or rigging of polls that has become a norm? Should we use the 1993 voting system chaired by Prof. Humphrey Nwosu, which seems to be the most successful although there are arguments that it was not efficient since IBB cancelled it and no winner was declared, Is the electoral process is to blame or is it not efficient enoughor is it that the success of these elections are dependent on the attitude of the people of Nigeria & the politicians involved in the process, if so doesn't this mean we are practically doomed to never witness what can be termed a 'fair' election as most Nigerians have lost the will/zeal to vote and would rather exchange their votes for the lil offers made by desperate political aspirants as they believe their vote doesn't count eventually, then why not make some cash off it.Can we say Nigerians are wrong to think this way after seeing so many elections come and go and the results? can anything be done to drastically change the orientation of the Nigerians? Can we have a fresh person in Govt. or will the same ol' politicians that have been there since the conception of democracy and even some that were there during the military rule keep recycling themselves? Can we have an "Obama"..Was Maurice Iwu the problem of the electoral system? Can we have people like El-Rufai, Ribadu,Dora,etc. who in our very corrupt change made immense noticeable changes in the various positions they held, though the first two have been extremely frustrated..What exactly do we need in Nigeria?? So so so so many questions........where are the answers gonna come from? i finally got round to blogging a bit, i feel a bit fulfilled plus i'm kinda hyper today maybe its 'cos i ate before leaving for work or because french class was very interesting and i got to eat the plantain and fried peppery stew i'd been craving all week,whatever the case i feel good!! pa ra ra ra na na na i knew that i would now!! so good! so good!! i got the adrenaline lasts till weekend....btw m listening to a playlist with head,shoulders,knees & toes,party hard,breathe in breathe out..u cant imagine!!!lol
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