Friday, 23 July 2010

New Day

It's a new day...started with some rain (washed d dirt away){very symbolic} luckily a colleague stopped by to take me to the office so i did not get wet..yippeee**. i've been doing a lot of reading and writing down 'bout my new role,my responsibilities and certifications i may need to do to make me more efficient..the feeling is good i have to say and as the pressure is not yet concrete i am not overwhelmed by it..did some catching up with friends and my folks and siblings and they all really proud of me..blush*my close friend sammie and i are going out later tonight,it's bin a while we saw and we need some catching up girl time..m in a good zone and i can only hope it lasts even if not forever for a while..month end is getin close so i guess that's helping my mood plus i get to do some shopping for corporate outfits..btw..i love shopping..then i'm gonna open a deposit account..gotta b poundwise u know..thats that for my best friend and i are gonna v lunch today...and ma shoes and clothes are selling so i get a lil cash from that also...things are taking shape i have to say and somehow everything is falling in place..i thank God....
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  1. So so proud of you girl!! you have no idea. Just go on and keep being the best at whatever you do


  2. tanx sweets...m proud of u tooo...we gonna get to d TOP!!! wherever that


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