Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Busy bee

Been so so so busy its unbelievable..d clock just keeps ticking and before i blink another day is dawn..there someone new in my life and i like him a lot,hope it grows into something good tho 'cos i'm enjoying it..nothing extraordinary is happening nw though ..had to blog now or else..hmmm.. checked out a new shisha place..'carribbean wine cafe' love the dj.. and d setting and they have so many flavors to pick is good can't complain and living it to the fullest!! kipin in touch with more of ma friends and i like that..keiko especially. read Scientists have developed biofuel for cars from waste produced in distilling Scotch whisky. Researchers at Edinburgh Napier University have produced a type of fuel called butanol using "pot ale" — the liquid residue from copper stills — and "draff," or leftover grain. They say it can be used in ordinary cars without adapting the engines. And unlike some biofuels, it is made from waste products and does not require a crop to be grown. The researchers say they have filed a patent application for the fuel, and plan to set up a company to get it into British gas stations. in case u dont know i v a soft spot for renewable energy so this caught my eye..for more info 1 in 5 US teens have slight hearing this n v decided l turn down my earphones..i wanna hear well in old age fore more info
Please Share it! :)


  1. Hmm, nice ones ooh..
    Just bask in the moment, enjoy it!

    No, we don't want you losing your hearing, abstain!
    lol, cheers x


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