Friday, 27 August 2010

Lotz a Diff. Sturv

!!!!!Happy Birthday Keiko!!!!!

It was my personal person keiko's birthday yesterday..wish she were in Naija we'd have had a way to v fun,eat waffles,v a glass of wine, etc..i sha know i'd v made her go out..anyway had to make do with a facebook post on her wall,dedicated my yahoo status to her,a post on twitter,called her for some minutes then finally blogging 'bout it. She means a lot to me and though i may not be able to define it in words m sure she knws and like i told her today while chatting 'she's all that and a big deal' and i knw she's going places.
Saudi couple "hammer 24 nails" into Sri Lankan maid
How do people get this mean,how will you hammer a hot metal into a living person, sometimes i do not comprehend the extent to which human beings can be cruel not only to animals and plants but to beings like themselves. Sometimes the things i see in the news makes me understand why God sent th flood to wipe out the earth..and on the flip side, the compassion some human beings show to animals, plants and people like themselves makes me understand why God tried to warn them through Noah and ended up sparing those that listened..all in all i Thank God human beings ain't God,i wonder what the world will be like. to read more follow the link
I hope justice is served to the people that did this though
We had a heart-to-heart, i have my regrets and i'v learnt to live with them
I believe i'm wiser now and more experience,picked my lessons from the saga and moved on
Can't turn back the hands of time and change the past
maybe the lessons picked have made me a better person and maybe not
i think they have though. Shit happens
Betrayals,Loyalty....all form a circle and we all in it,
at the end we all to blame so why not leave blame out
Punished myself for years and thought the end result was deserved
Maybe, Maybe not.
What is learnt is all that's important.
The 'Now' is what counts
I'm proud of how far i have come and my person..
could i ask for more from me
Maybe, Maybe not
But i'm content for Now
for what the Me of then Has become Now
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