Friday, 15 October 2010


I deactivated my facebook account on the morning of September 27 for no particular reason. i made up my mind the night before that i was going to deactivate my account, got to work the next morning, went thru my messages,notifications,wrote a note on my wall,etc. then deactivated the account... did not have a reason to, just needed a break...from what precisely i rally cannot say, just knew i needed to get away from it. What is really there to facebook that some are addicted it? What does it provide its users? The ability to network with friends and family, to acquire more 'friends', to take a peek into their life and share their experiences and thoughts through videos and pictures. You get to spy/stalk on spouses,ex-es,friends,relations,parents, etc. reminds me of an episode of southpark in which Stan did not want to join facebook 'cos he did not want to get sucked in and his friend went ahead to create an fb page for him and he ended up getting sucked oh well i re-activated my fb account some days back and i realised i did not miss much. too much fuss 'bout fb and with the new app to show ur location what more do stalkers need and some people put way too much info on fb..not worth it. i love netwroking, tweeting,fb and the likes but i'm still cautious cos the truth is anyone can take on the identity of whomever they please or be whatever they wish on the internet.
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