Monday, 17 January 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!
Its a new year full of possibilities and bursting at the seams!
I can't wait to start my new diary!(i'm more diligent with diaries) so many diary options, thanks to all these banks 'kissing my boss's ass'. Oh well i will probably go with the First Bank diary since it's my dad's bank and their diaries are handy and nice.
I refurbished my blog some days back thanks to the newly configured wireless connection in my office, so hopefully with less work @work my posts will be more regular.
New Year Resolutions
I usually make new year resolutions because they keep me focused and unlike my usually unpredictable self, i manage to stick to them throughout the year.Even my friend (sammie) was curious about what my new year resolutions will be this year.
I had to disappoint her though because my resolution for this year was no resolution.
I have no reason for not making resolutions,i just did not feel like it, that does not mean i don't have things i want to achieve this year though, i do, and hopefully by God's grace i will,here are a few:
  • Improve myself in all aspects
  • Get my own place (in progress)
  • Get a car
  • Get another degree (in progress)
  • Continue my French lessons
  • Get a guitar and learn how to play it
  • Save more (this is already highly in progress)
That's basically it, and i also made up my mind that this year is a 'No Nonsense' year. I intend to cut off all the people that do not add value to my life in one way or the other and i have started doing just that, can't afford to carry extra baggage this year - 'Good riddance to bad rubbish' i say!
That aside it's been a great year so far! Last year was a good year and i thank God for seeing me, my family,friends and relatives through to 2011, i'm really sad and worried though about safety in Nigeria due to the Oct 1st and Dec 31st bomb blasts, i will do a blog post on these later on.
Merry Christmas
Christmas was great as the whole family (except my dad) was around, plus we were in our own house so we were all merry, plus this was a really "Giftfull" year (lol), my brother's got the PS2 they had been crying about so i'm not so pressed to get them the Nintendo Wii, instead i have to get them the CD's for the PS2 and i'm cool with it :D, i got my sister a blackberry, the look on her face when i gave her was worth it!, ma aunt said she prefer's cash so i gave her 5k,i got my mum a new phone also! It felt so good to be able to do something for my family,there was so much eating and drinking i felt bloated!lol oh..and i also paid full subscription + indian on the DSTV,so everyone was happy! i also got a lotta gifts since my birthday was on the 23rd, my brothers got me a gold necklace and earring set,O.Othey saved to buy it(brought tears to my eyes when they came to present it to me proudly!!),ma aunt got me a pair of colorful slippers,ma sis got me a silver brooch and pendant,my mum got me a cute nighty and gave me $100, she still owes me though!'s bout it. i'll do a post on my birthday in a bit!
I'm so happy to be blogging though!!!
Please Share it! :)

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