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Sex Appeal (is there more to it than we know?)

Sexiness-a personal preference or a complex biological equation

  • Is evolution driving how we pick partners?
  • Are we wired to read genetic clues in a potential mate’s face, shape n sway, scent and voice?
  • Is our unconscious more involved in choosing a partner?
  • Are we all working according to a genetic playbook?
  • Are monogamy and cheating programmed behavior?
  • Does everything boil down to passing on the best genes to our offspring and the best shot at survival?

Sex appeal signs begin with the face(there are so may elements to that make up the face!) (the lips,nose,eyes{shape & color},the ears,the cheekbones,the jaw,the ears)

Certain faces have achieved Immortality for their allure/sexiness

  • What makes a face drop dead gorgeous?

The Greeks believe the secret lies in a mathematical formula Plato the golden ratio,an equation for perfection –take a space and divide it into 2parts,the golden ratio is when the relative size of the small part to the big part is the same as the ratio of the big part to the whole .this ratio can be found in the structure of many living things including human beings.

The difference between male and female faces is caused by sex hormones, that is why most times there is no major distinction between boys and girls till they hit puberty.a more ‘masculine’ face suggests the man has high testosterone and a more ‘feminine’ face suggests the woman has higher female hormones like progesterone and estrogen and a healthy reproductive system, so when we say someone is attractive we actually saying the person has good genes and reproductively healthy.

When u spot someone sexy across a room,the spark felt comes from a lightning fast subconscious analysis of the person’s face,the brain also accesses symmetry of the face to get genetic clues.

Women get more attractive when they are ovulating,they have a healthier glow

There’s more to sex appeal than a pretty face though

  • What makes a body sexy?
  • Which body shapes drive us wild?

A woman’s breasts clearly signal that she’s past puberty and is probably able to reproduce,its no wonder they draw d eyes but that is not the only part of d body dat draws attention

Recent neuroscience has identified a part of the brain that is intensely active wen looking at a human body

All humans use mostly the waist and hips to indicate the a female gender

0.7 to 1ratio of waist to hips has been picked by researchers to be the sexiest female body shape as it indicates health/fertility

0.5/0.6 to 1ratio were found to be even more attractive which seems contadictory

The brain judges the body as it moves

Looks and body shape are not the only factor in sex appeal

The sound of the voice plays a role also

Men usually choose females with high pitched voices,younger women and women with high estrogen levels have high pitched voices

Women chose men with masculine voices,men with high testosterone have deeper voices

Womens voices just as their faces become more attractive during ovulation(her most fertile)

  • Is there a way to beat genetic odds if dey are stacked against u?

Men have toys! Cars,clothes,etc.

Women want good genes and deep pockets as men can just have sex and walk away while women can end up pregnant

Women can change their perception of men based on the car they drive(status)

Men prioritize attractiveness and women prioritize status(social & financial)

Choosing goes deeper!

Scent matters, the perfume industry was developed around this idea, that certain scents drive us wild and bring the possibility of sex one step closer

Every man has a unique smell

It seems that the involvement of scents helps one steer clear of relatives as well as picking a partner

The scent of women has a similar effect on men

A lot is in a kiss,u seeing,touching,tasting,hearing him

Testorone gets u in the sack, there’s a lot of it present in a man’s saliva, and when u kiss u are receiving, it is at the heart of a womans

Dopamine gives u feelings of elation, giddiness, euphoria, its d brain’s pleasure chemical

Drugs like cocaine flood your brain with dopamine, which makes you high

With both drugs and sex dopamine high is addictive; all it takes is a shot of dopamine to the brain to put one in d mood and then having sex just makes u want more

Intense energy comes from dopamine, elevated dopamine levels raises the sex drive even during non-romantic situations, sports like bungee jumping deliver a large amount of dopamine to the brain

  • Are humans biologically programmed to mate for life? Are we just chemicals & hormones on feet?

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