Monday, 7 February 2011

The Actual Me (from Gaminegirlie's blog)

I love taking personality tests any chance i get, so when i saw this site on Gaminegirlie's blog, it dint take me a second to click on it!...this is the outcome of the here to take your test

Communication Style

The Ultimate People Person

It is most essential that you recognize that you are a charismatic leader who loves to achieve at the highest level. Your creativity is getting other people to do what you want or envision. You are a realistic "Pied Piper" that everyone follows.
If you are on a team or doing a project, you are the spontaneous motivator and communication leader. Everyone knows and recognizes your energetic and enthusiastic direction. Your networking with others reaches far and wide. You are the ultimate politician.
Your manner is always extremely positive and confident. When everyone else is feeling discouraged, you provide an individual and group spark that rekindles inspiration and rejuvenates excitement to continue forward. Your threshold for positive leadership is extremely high. In fact, the worse the situation, the more you thrive on it. You're like a cat with nine lives.
Above all else, you love to interact with people. It doesn't matter how many people there are or at what level you're communicating, you do it effortlessly. Conversation has been extremely natural to you your whole life. If you're isolated from people for a long period of time, your energy's focus seems to become depressed.

Optional Thinking

The time when your energy's focus doesn't become depressed in isolation is when you are positively engaged in creative, optional and strategic thinking. It's here that your intuitive and analogical thinking process combines with some factual and logical thoughts to give you a new, holistic perspective on what you're doing or planning to do. When you share these conclusions with others, they usually are amazed at how you developed these dynamic missions and/or strategies. When you are presenting or explaining something that has been developed, your presence makes each person feel that you are personally addressing his/her individual needs.

Interacting with People

Yes, contact with others is more important than breathing for you. You can't live without it. When you walk down a corridor or a street, you're always greeting or stopping to talk to someone. People just love to talk with you about anything. That's because the positive energy that you give off during conversations develops an instant bond with everyone.
You have a wonderful sense of humor. When people are with you, they smile and laugh a lot. Whether it's telling a joke you heard before or sharing a spontaneous ad lib, you're naturally funny and entertaining. Your humor and ways of communicating are constantly creating situations that relax and motivate other people.
Even if you're not knowledgeable about a subject area under discussion, you come across as smooth and intelligent. It doesn't matter what conversations others are having or what topics they're discussing, you can join in without missing a beat. That's because you intuitively know people and what turns them on.

Your Learning Style

Conversations and dialogues provide you with the opportunity to learn best. It's during this repartee that you're able to ask any type of question: logical, analogical or just odd ones to serve your curiosity. One of the best ways for you to learn and to be motivated is to belong to a study group, particularly one that has members who are focused on the objectives and deadlines. The process of studying with these groups can provide you with the focus and needed detail to study and learn effectively.

Getting the Job Done

You usually don't like doing the details or grunt work yourself. In fact, you'll try to get others to do it for you. But, when that ploy doesn't work and you have to do it alone to meet a deadline, you'll concentrate, focus and finish what needs to be done. But, that's only after you've procrastinated until the last-minute. Then, when the tasks or project are completed, you'll want to celebrate this successful achievement with others!
You don't like to focus on details or facts without being shown the complete picture. A boring and stiff supervisor or teacher creates motivational problems for you. However, if straight facts and dry details are embellished by a boss's or a teacher's personal anecdotes or jokes, then these associations trigger your memory and motivation to work. Just memorizing or doing something, particularly if it doesn't have any meaning or pragmatic application for you, means that you have to concentrate and focus over a longer period of time than you usually like to do. But, again, at the last minute, you can do it.
Along with that, you are an extremely active person, moving quickly from one person to another, one group of people to another or from one task to another. You must always be moving, motivating and/or talking. That is why your favorite way of achieving things is through direct dialogue. You innately organize others and when push comes to shove, you can keep them focused and working by relating to them in many different positive ways.

The Bottom Line

Just remember, when the opportunity presents itself and it usually does, you are number one, not just in your eyes, but in the eyes of others. Also, remember what gets you there - your positive, open and creative communication style that makes everyone an important participant in your presence.
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