Thursday, 10 February 2011

My Body Shape

I took this body shape quiz out of curiousity of how accurate it will be and out of
i'm pleased with the result as it is quite accurate:)

There are many factors that determine body shape such as diet, genetics, and lifestyle. If you would like

to know for certain, what your body type is, please take this quiz and find out. This quiz factors in

ancestry, anthropomorphic observations, lifestyle, and subconscious mind cues.

This quiz is pretty accurate. *But is for entertainment purposes only* Remember eating healthy, living healthy, and being happy always leads to healthy and happy bodies. Please enjoy!

The Body Shape Quiz
Your Result: Hourglass Body Shape

Congratulations, you have an hourglass shaped body. This is the most preferred body shape in the universe. It is marked by wide shoulders, trimmed waist lines, and proportionate hips. Hourglasses carry weight evenly, and have the most muscle of any body type. They also have long and strong, well-shaped legs. Hourglass body shapes usually have long thin hands (in women) and muscular upper arms (in men). Famous hourglass shaped women include: Lena Horne, Vanessa L Williams, Sophia Loren, Liya Kebede, and Elle Mc Phearson. Male shaped hourglasses look like one inverted triangle stacked on top of a regular triangle. They are very lean looking and perfect! Examples include: Tom Welling and Denzel Washington.

Fish Tail Shape or Fan Shaped Body
Guitar Shaped Body
Ruler Shape
Bubble Body Shape
Apple Body Shape
click here to take yours
Liya Kebede
Vanessa Williams
Sophia Loren
Lena Horne
Elle MacPhearson
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