Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sorry about the Act or Sorry you got Caught

Whenever we do something 'bad', we apologize and cry and say we are 'sorry' and ask for forgiveness, but are we truly sorry we committed this act or we are sorry only because we got caught? I think in most cases, we are actually sorry that we got caught.
Let's an example of a man who cheats on his wife with a hot chic...
He enjoys every moment he spends with this hot chic, he buys her things and takes her wherever she wants and they have crazy sex and do all d other things guys do with chics.then suddenly BAM!!! His observant wife who had been noticing some changes in her husbands behaviour, he comes home late,smells of perfume,sometimes even has lipstick stains on his shirts and all the clues men knowingly or unknowingly drop when they are cheating. So, his wife decides to take matters in to her hands,she's made up her mind not to confront him but to catch him 'RedHanded' starts to monitor his routine,and one day she trails him to his hot chics house and guess what somehow today, in d heat of the moment they had forgotten to lock the door, the wife finds her way in to meet the confirmation of her suspicion!!!, her husband is giving it to hot chic 'doggy style',(this was his wife's favorite sex position but he always complained whenever she asked him to do this, in fact they hadn't had sex in ages! and here he was enjoying it with hot chic),unknown to both the husband and hot chic that the wife had entered, they continued their sex play,after some seconds recovering from the shock, the wife screamed WALE!!!!!,the man prayed he was dreaming,prayed that was not his wife, and with fear and hope turned only to see his wife!!hotchic just ran into the bathroom and locked herself in just in case the wife decided to take out her anger and fury on her, the wife left cursing her husband 'Oloriburuku', 'Asiere', 'ko ni da fun e o' in yoruba, thinking in her mind of what to do about her discovery, the man followed closely at her heels prostrating and pleading that he's sorry and it was the 'devil's work (its always the devil's work!! and he's not even Omnipresent o! ehn! just has agents scattered around) and bla bla bla!
The wife packed her things and went to her mother's place with her 2 kids still in awe at what she had seen, she wondered in her mind how their once beautiful and happy marriage had gotten to this rocky road, she wondered whether to leave him and thought about the well-being of her children, she had always known it was in man's nature to cheat but she had thought hers would be different! her friends had told her stories of their husbands misbehaviours and she had been the one giving them advice on patience, now she wore the shoe and patience was the last thing on her mind, her mother had already told her she would eventually have to forgive her husband and go home as cheating was second nature to man, her mother told her to think of her children and allow the issue destroy her home, else 'hot chic' will take over everything she had laboured for with her husband...the wife wondered about all these things and if the act was worth her giving up everything.....
The husband on the other hand is now thinking of his life,drinking every night, and doing all the other guilt-driven acts, he has not seen or been in touch with hot chic also since the day he was caught, he finally musters the courage and tells his parents so they can follow him to apologize to his wife...
On the day of the family meeting, with the wife and her family seated and the husband and his family seated,proverbs started flying from the husbands relatives as they pleaded on behalf of the husband, after all the talk, the wife thanked them and said she has forgiven him but she has just one question to ask, she faced her husband and said 'Wale, would you be sorry if i had not caught you?', the man was speechless and could not find a reply to her question, he bowed his head in shame and prostrated at her feet that she forgive him.
The wife moved back into his house mostly for the sake of her children than any other reason, and resigned her self to her fate in the marriage, she decided to make the best of it and not be a sad, angry, and frustrated wife. She realised her happiness is in her own grasp.
Her question was never answered though.
The husband was happy to have his family back and was a loving and cheerful husband for a while, meanwhile hot chic had made up her mind to give him some space before contacting him again, he had also not contacted her.......(contd in next post)
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  1. This is an event that recurs in the lives of married women on a regular basis. truth be told, people never become sorry until they are caught in the wrong act. nice one tamiko!


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