Friday, 6 May 2011

Birds in the Sky

I was going home yesterday from work and happened to look in the sky and it looked like a sea of black nylon in the air but on scrutiny i realized the nylons were birds!lots of them!!, i doubt too many people took notice as they tried to maneuver out of the traffic, luckily my mum was driving and i had the luxury to relax. :) i looked on in awe,after many failed efforts to take a picture, i seetled back in the chair and stared ad the black little flutters in the sky. I wondered where they were all flying to, as they were all flying in the same direction, could something be chasing them?, could they sense something terrible approaching that we humans could not? was it the weather chasing them away? I could not come up with a conclusive reason why the birds were all flying in the same direction and then i noticed some were flying in the opposite direction, why?? why weren't they following the rest of the bird crowd? what could have been so important that they had to turn back..oh well...thats a birds life..i took my mind off it  and listened to the radio!! and then it struck me, the 'RADIO' had been there through the centuries.i'll do a blog about how the Radio has stuck with me through the years.
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