Monday, 16 May 2011


Yesterday night was so much fun!!!! i love new experiences, as shy as i may be. I was able to convince Melissa to come along with me to take Salsa lessons.
I have always had an interest in salsa thanks to my friend Winnie but my interest got to the peak of me taking action after returning from my trip to Ghana. While i was in Ghana, Winnie and I went to Le President Hotel to dance salsa 'cos Winnie is really into salsa and really good at it. I got invited to the dance floor and despite my resistance and explanations that i did not know how to dance salsa, i was on the dance floor in minutes. The Ghanaian man was so patient and taught me the basic steps, from that moment on i made up my mind i was going to learn this Salsa dance.
On my return from Ghana, i got a few salsa videos from Winnie's bf which fueled my determination to learn Salsa. When i got into Abuja, i made inquiries about where i could take Salsa lessons from a reliable source and after some 'googling' of my own, it was certain that the 'Platinum Lounge' on the last floor of Silverbird Cinemas was my place.
We got to the cinema at 7:30pm, just in time for class, paid the fee of N500 per person and classes commenced almost immediately. It was fun and before i knew it, i had broken a sweat, guess i can say i lost some calories.
Our tutor Wale was very good and he taught us a lot of steps within the hour our class was scheduled for, he taught us the basic steps, backward step, forward step, open break, side step, double side step, ariba and about. I got a hold of all the steps after i had practiced them a few times and then our class came to an end. To end the class, students from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class came together to form a beginners circle, we practiced all the steps we had learnt in class and we were taught 2 extra steps (Walk About & Walk on) and it was so much fun!!!! we formed a circle and each girl was partnered with a guy, we did the steps the tutor announced (the steps we had been taught) then we'd walk around the guys when the tutor says Walk About, and then we'd walk on to the next guy in the circle when the tutor says Walk On. You had to be there to understand mehn!!
I stayed on after the beginner lessons, apparently they have Social Dance after lessons which is free for all. I got to dance to with 2 guys {Daniel and Kelechi(a classmate from french school)} who were of great help in helping me get confident on the dance floor and follow the 'guys' lead.I left the Cinema around 10:10pm feeling fulfilled!! You can count on me to be there next Wednesday and to practice all week! I'm so excited!! LOL!!
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