Monday, 25 July 2011

Comot dere Jare!!

Na so i siddon jeje for inside motto o...i just dey vex 4inside the stupid traffic i dey...i suppose dey office o, gaskia i no know wetin carry me comot.
My oga com call me na, na im i no fit pick him im my second for office com call me sey oga dey find me o and e be like sey he dey com office!!kai! i don enter am today o..
the traffic no gree move..i dey follow my second chat for im my eye com catch one yellow face dey look me from inside the car wey dey my front..d way the guy dey look sef, i tink sey him know me or something...after i don look tire and the face no show name for my im i carry my face comot dey continue my chat...
I no know weda na d look wey i dey look try place the bobo face o,abi na d standstill traffic, abi na smtn else give the guy liver o. i just see sey d guy dey comot from inside the soon as im comot me i don Malo cap for head with one jagajaga brown waist coat, no even let me describe the trossizz and shirt.. anyway
The bobo come lean on the window wey dey opposite me, thank God sey the tin dey up small sef...the next thing wey i hear na..."Hi, my name is Ike, i like you and i will like to be ur friend" the english try i just dey shocked say im comot from inside im own motto com dey yan me dis kind nonsense!!
I no blame am d stupid standstill traffic!i just turn my head continue wetin i dey do with my fone..The bobo com say..."i hope i'm not disturbing you?"...Gaskia laff wan tear my belle but i gats form straight face..thankfully the guy get sense just comot go enter him moto back....See me see wahala o!! i just dey smile...
The driver just dey wonder sey na wa different kind people dey dis world o...sey me i know the guy before? i say no o, i no know am...Luckily sha i got to the office in time and yawa no gas :D

PS.My belle no dey pain me again, i don well now.I DEY
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