Tuesday, 12 July 2011

When it Rains, it Pours...

Lagos is my home any day any time, i spent most of my life there and we moved around quite a bit.
We used to live in Lagos @ Ikoyi 1st, then Gbagada, then 1004 Estate Victoria Island till they sold it and kicked our butts to the curb (kidding! but seriously they more or less did), then Thomas Estate, Aja.
I went to school in Ikorodu, went to Yaba often, Ikeja even more often and so many other parts of Lagos i have ventured into. Any Lagosian knows that it rains without warning in Lag and when it rains it pours but of late Sunday to be precise, the pouring has not been nice, places have been getting flooded and i doubt i can even use the word flood on places in the Island, Aja, Lekki, etc. Lagos is more less submerged  and its not just Lag. People, houses and properties have been lost and its quite sad. The state blames this flood on the Atlantic Ocean, blocked drainage systems, people that build on channels that are supposed to discharge water and the rainfall that started at 5am till the next day or so. People were advised to remain indoors and be calm till d rains subsided.


Faaji wateva d situation

Thankfully it seems its over. Here are some pics
Please Share it! :)

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