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Pampering Me!! MB Hammam (Ladies Spa) 2

Hi hi hi, i have missed blogging soooo soooo much!! wish u all could take a pic of my brain...i sometimes tink in blog about stuff i wanna share but don't get around to sharing...anyway enough whining...
Anyway this is a sorta continuation to ma post which can be found at this link

I love sharing the fun experiences i have with people i love, so it should come as no surprise that i shared ma spa experience with two of ma friends. I gave one of them as a birthday present and the other just for the fun of experiencing it.

Ok..i know i was supposed to do a post since forever on my raffle draw win at MB Hammam and how it felt et al and trust me i have done it in ma head countless

It was great guys!!!i enjoyed every bit of it and i dint pay a dime!!it was an authentic win!!not the type that u'd have to pay a lil something to get ur win. I called to book a time that i'd be available then went there. I showed the ticket from my massage which had entitled me to the win and they went to work straight away. I did the Basic Hammam then had a foot massage in the lounge while waitin for the person to do my facials...I had a Jordanian Dead Sea Facial (tink that's what its called). The Basic Hammam was almost the same as the Traditional Hammam i did with my friends which i am writing about, just that some products were not used.

I got to the venue first since i was sponsoring...i had called earlier in the week to book for 3 of us at 2pm on Sunday. Mel came in jst a few mins after i did. The lovely lady at the reception called someone to usher us to the changing room where we changed into our robes and slippers and shower caps and we kept our belongings in a locker and had the key on us.

A Morrocan Lady came to get me and poured some warm water on me, oh did i mention u only have your panties on so we went with spare panties although they had disposable panties there for those who were not ready to use theirs. Anyway yh...after pouring the water on me she rubbed something dt looked like black soap (Saboul Beldi-Olive based soap) on me then they shipped me off to the steam room in a robe. Mel and Chide met me in dere and we relaxed with our cool cups of lemon water. We jisted while sweating out all za left d steam room 1st since i came in 1st (20mins). She rinsed off all dt stuff and sweat off me then used some nice scenting  soap to bathe me and then she rinsed that off again then told me to lie on the tile slab in the shower room and then she began the dry scrubbing with a Loofah-like sponge (you get to keep the sponge and use it on other visits) after wetting it and rubbing what looked like 'alum' on it.

I felt awesome mehn! She scrubbed all the dead skin off practically every inch of my body and it felt heavenly. When i was bout to turn on my other side, i saw all d dead skin that had been scrubbed off and i just felt greeeeeeeaaaaattttt!!lol I swear u have to experience it to understand, anyway after all the scrubbing, she rinsed all the residue off then used some Moroccan mud/clay mix (Rhassoul) all over me and some on my cheeks and forehead, left it for a bit and den rinsed it all off with warm water. I then got a proper rinse down.
You have to bear with me as my description of the experience is what i can remember.
She then sprayed a mix of Argan oil and Rosewater all over me so my skin was glistening...She wrapped me up in a robe, wore ankle socks on ma feet and made me wear some therapeutic looking slippers like that with stones bulging out of it dat are supposed to target some parts of the body...think i v some pics so u get what m saying.
                                                               therapeutic slippers

I was led to the lounge by anoda lady where Mel and Chide came to meet me later on, we were served tea in the cutest lil cups and crackers and laid down on the flat bed in d lounge.It was very cozy and serene and also had a massage chair for whoever was interested and a leg massage machine.We just chilled and jisted and later had to snap out of it...

the outer area of the lounge with the leg massage machine

We went to the dressing room,rubbed some of their Argan body lotion (and changed into our outfits went down to the reception and looked at some of the other services they offer and took a look at their Ladies Gym.
Mel and Chide thanked me for the treat and i was happy they had enjoyed it. I took a cab home with a grin on my face throughout...
Ok!!dats d full detail of our Spa day. Hope u kinda enjoyed the experience with me as you read.....xOxO :D

Oh and before i forget i needed a Manicure and Pedicure badly to make the Pampering Me Episode complete, the hands and feet work too much to be neglected or not pampered. There's this lady-Mamana-she's d best mehn!! I've shared the pedicure experience with two oda peeps, a guy and gal. Had to tk dem to experience it..Imagine both of dem had neva had a pedicure before!!O.O I just had to treat them!! imagine afterwards they dint wanna walk on the ground again o...sooo funny...But 4real dis Mamana Lady is the Truth! D energy she puts into her work keeps me coming back for more. :D...ok dts all for now xOxO                                     
that's mamana!!
22 enjoyn herself and dodging my camera lens
soaking away the stress

Me in grinning mode wen it was all over
Please Share it! :)

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