Monday, 5 December 2011

Worst Date Ever !!

No need to mince words people! This date i'm about to jist u about takes the 1st position for worst date i've ever been on in my life!! I really should not have been nice to this dude.

We work in the same office but not the same unit...i try to be nice to everyone at work and say 'good morning' and smile and all but obviously i'm not ALWAYS chirpy and happy go lucky. Dude happens to be yoruba and once he found out i was yoruba started bugging me for a date. He keeps telling my colleague he likes me and the nutty missy doesn't fail to pass the message across!! He somehow got my bb pin, i added him outta courtesy and he starts buggn me and getting upset when i dont respond to his stupid messages. Anyway>>>>>after pestering me severally i gave in and told him he could pick me up at home and we can get to know each other better or go on a date or whatever! On that fateful day, he called to check if we were still on with the date and i told him we were..he called me at close of work and i told him to take a chill pill as i had not even closed yet, talk less of getting home and resting then changing for a date. I told him i'd call him wen i was ready which i did...I did my best to look nice and not as tired and uninterested as i was feeling. I got to his car and he asked where i wanted to go..I had this confused look on my face and was thinking 'u mean all these while u'd been bugging me for a date, u had nowhere in mind u wanted us to go'!!!sheesh!! i told him i dint have anywhere in mind and we could go wherever he wanted, he throws the ball back at me that we'd go anywhere i suggested, i gave in and suggested 'Drumstix'. I'd been craving their waffles all week after all. Please try to guess this imbecile's response (have to use the word 'imbecile' fr you to understand my anger at his response)...he said oh that's too far,i'm going towards the outskirts of town once i leave here. I'm like so why were we tossing around this where do i wanna go ball in the 1st place...we take off from my place and he asks if i know anywhere in the area we can chill, i tell him i don't, that i don't hang out around my place, i just go home from work and crash, i usually hang out in town, i dunno if this dude was deaf or what but he starts asking me if i know a particular bar in the neighbourhood, i did not even bother to respond. After driving around for a while, he takes me to this plaza-ish restaurant. I had not eaten all day and was literally starving! The way this restaurant was, i asked for just a pie and juice outta courtesy. We get a seat and i'm like ok, i guess we can have a nice convo and jist or something. All through the journey he had been saying i was a different person, i wasn't smiling as i usually do @wrk and bla bla bla....i told him it was probably 'cos i was tired. We are seated and guess the stupid question this dude asks me 'why did ur boss restrict our access'. They had installed this new access control doors in my office to restrict visitor access and all that, my boss had been in charge of monitoring the access door installation and use at the initial stage before handing it over to the IT department to follow up issuing cards and all...and so u see why this question is a date killer. I replied that my boss did not restrict access and that it was a management decision which my boss had handed over to the IT department to handle. Next question: he asks about Zaria an i say Zaria's fine and my studies are ok, He then asks about my colleague who's doin a Full Time course in zaria, i say she's fine and should be in school, the he asks me why she's not doing the course part time like i was and i'm like duh! that's her business and choice not mine...Next question: he asks why i am being so cold and different than i usually am at work, i told him i was tired and all the dumb questions he'd been asking me was exhausting me more...well i dint say dumb sha..cos i was still trying to be nice...then he asks if we can re-schedule the date and i told him there'd be no need for that. I told him i was ready to head home. He dropped me off and i looked at the time, you wouldn't believe from the time he picked me from home till he dropped me, we had only spent about 45mins together!!!How boring can a guy get!!GEEESSSSS!!!
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