Friday, 9 March 2012

Head Massage!

I'm totally hooked on my new hairdresser. This is the first time i'm having a male hairdresser and i must say i'm thoroughly impressed. First of all he's extremely patient and this was what had me going back to his salon after my first encounter there. He attended to me so well even though it was my first time there. The salon is just about 2 minutes walking distance from my office so i decided to try them out one of the days i was less busy at work and wanted to wash my hair, i ended up washing, steaming and blowdrying my hair. Good for me 'cos i wasn't missed at work. First thing i loved was that he handled my hair with the utmost care and anyone that knows me knows i cherish my nappy hair and only place them in reliable hands and once u mess up with them, u never get to touch them again!! That said, he had passed the first test test. The second test was when he had shampooed my hair and was washing it, some hairdressers usually use their nails when washing the hair and end up hurting the scalp, he on the other hand had his nails trimmed real low and used his finger tips instead. The third test was when he was conditioning my hair and this i must say was the deal closer!! He massaged my scalp and i must say it felt real good!! *Happy also he asked if i wanted warm or cold water unlike some that just assume and use what they feel, he used warm water all through and at the end used cold water. It was awesome!!!!!!! Pardon my use of so many exclamation marks, i'm just trying to use it to express how i felt. Also he did not complain that my hair was natural or try to make me texturize my hair like most first time hairdressers do instead he combed and straightened it with care and i felt like a Queen when he was done. He's also quite patient with me. I ended up tipping him after the whole
session and i've become his customer ever since and i must say i'm enjoying my hair massage and getting value for my money and tips. He made me realise how sweet a head massage can be and i've tested out my theory on a few volunteers and a lucky few will enjoy the luxury of getting one from me. ;) Also i can stop by at the salon during my lunch periods since the salon is close to my office.
Who says life aint sweet!

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  1. Awesome. Your hair looks super too, can you imagine that it's not relaxed!!

  2. tnx love!!i know ryt!! and i'm so loving it. People are always trying to touch and commenting on how black,healthy and full it is *proud i don't let them touch it.i'm still waiting for ur hair pic though


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