Thursday, 1 March 2012

Leap Year and a New Month

A Leap year is a year with 366 days i.e a year with an extra day, February 29, added to make up the difference between the 365-day calendar and the actual duration of the Earth's orbit of the Sun.
Leap years occur every four years, except for years ending in 00 that are not divisible by 400.

[Probably because any given date falls two days later than in the preceding year, instead of one]
(Microsoft® Encarta® 2009)
I wonder how people born on February 29 feel though, they gotta wait every four years to celebrate their birthday technically. Anyways,what does it matter, as long as we are alive.

Welcome to a New month too people. Make the best of it.

This year seems to be moving pretty fast or is it just me? maybe..

All the best y'all...XooX
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