Thursday, 11 October 2012

So Far this October

Things in my life have been good so far, everything seems to be falling into place just fine, i have some aspects to work on of course and i'm doing that. I have been keeping to making my To-do lists daily and that has been really helpful for me getting things done (as y'all know i'm the Queen of procrastination, i'm trying to change though). I started taking swimming lessons last weekend as its been on my to-do list for so long and i do love water, whether lake, river, sea or beach, sometimes i think i'm a mamiwater (mermaid)'s one of the main things i miss about Lagos, the beaches!!Anyways, asides that i'm in a good place relationship-wise too and that is good for my general well-being (Everyone loves to be loved and happy after all) money-wise i'm ok, it can be better though but i'm thankful for what i have, work-wise too is ok, i'm feeling a bit stunted and too in routine but we got some projects coming up so that's gonna change soon, God-wise i rate very poor i have to admit, i talk to him only once in a while and i haven't been to church in some weeks, i Need to reconnect. I have been able to keep in touch with my close friends esp Antonia (I consider a blessing in my life and even a sister sef, cos as they say there is that friend that sticks closer than a brother, it is & old classmates thanks to Skype, Fb, Twitter, et al and i'm workn on communicating better with my immediate and extended family. I have a serious issue with calls, dunno why really, it may be thanks to my University's rules but i'm sure there are also other factors that have contributed to my calling habit. Phones were not allowed in my university so we'd have to queue up @the call centre or wall phones to make calls. I think the ban on phones is unnecessary, i mean we have access to the internet! how bad can having a phone be really?? i think its  more of an ego/pride thing of the chancellor not wanting to go back on a statement made in anger and also it has gained the school some kinda weird popularity. Moving on, i got a phone in my 2nd or 3rd year in school though, but was very selective about calls i made 'cos i wanted just a selected few to be able to reach me, and i think that has followed me till date, now though anyone can get your mobile number so i'm left with the option to either pick or ignore the call and i ignore calls most times. Funny thing is when mobile phones first came on the Nigerian scene i was spoilt with calls by my 2 first bfs, they'd call me for 20mins @least and i always wanted to talk on the phone. Oh well, i'm trying to change now and i do my best to return the calls i ignore, but the worst part is those that don't call, 'cos i don't bother reaching out (even family members), i just think and think about calling them and i eventually don't. I'm still cracking my head on how to solve this or then again, maybe i should just stick to SMS, mails (i hate seeing unread mails!! and the likes.. That's it for now..still striving to be better and will get dere by his grace... 

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