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Family Wedding (SEPT 7, 2012)

Moi (i did someting different with my aso-oke on my dress)

I had a great break people!! It had been a long time i had taken a break off work for family related purposes. My uncle (real uncle o, not Yoruba version of was getting married. Let me start by describing my mother's family to you can have a clue of just how large it is. My Grandad married about 6 wives that i know and has about 20 kids alive, some have passed. So technically i have 20 Uncles and Aunties and 17 of them are married with kids so imagine the number of cousins i have, its hard to keep up even.*whew especially with the ones abroad (about 5 of them) and the ones outside Abuja and Lagos. That's on my Grandad's side. My Grandma on the other hand had also married someone before marrying my Grandad and has 2 kids alive with him thats 2 more aunties and so in total i have 2 Grandads and 6 Grandmas and 22 uncles and aunties.
The wedding was held at Akure, i got to see my numerous uncles and aunts as indicated above. We stayed at my aunt's place instead of Ado-Ekiti, where my mum is originally from and where my Grandad's mansion is located, since it was closer to the wedding venue and my mum said the mansion will probably be filled with her siblings and the wedding guests. The wedding was great!! Loads of culture, the proposal letter asking for the bride’s hand in marriage was read, the groom (my uncle) prostrated for her parents, and many other things like that. Oh and my aunts and uncles kept asking me when it would be my turn and praying for me that i would find a good suitor. I had alotta fun bonding with my cousins and all that and it was well spent family time, it had been a while since my whole family had been in one place at a time, thanks to school and work. You can check out my Pinterest page for more wedding typa pics

The Groom and Friends prostrating for the bride's parents for her hand in marriage

Spraying the Bride money as she dances forward

The Alagaiduro (Chairperson of the event) praising the bride as she dances forward in response 

The Grooms Family praying for the Bride (Her family prays for her too)

She searches for who the cap fits,finds her husband and places it on his head9

My outfit made outta ma mum's old wrapper, i love it and she does too :D
They made me carry the engagement/proposal package to the parents (not funny in my super high heels)
My iyan elewe (pounded yam in plantain leaves) and efo-riro (vegetable soup) with fish 

White wedding (This couple like dance sha)
Flash! Spot my nails and Ear Jewelry
My brothers and I

Me and one of my lil cuzns azonto-ing to the music playing

Some cousins & I<<<<<<<<<-------->>>>>>>Blue Shoes (Not Planned)
Rest Time
Wedding No. 2 @Ido
The next wedding was a traditional wedding we went for before returning to Abuja, was that of my step-cousin, my mum’s step-sister’s daughter. Her wedding was not fun at all, it was a proper ‘Deeper Life’ traditional wedding. Their attire was extremely drab, an unceremonial beige colored material. She didn’t use any jewelry or even rub powder on her face (hian). I am not against their religion and all but I don’t get why you cannot look good and stand out from the crowd on the occasion of your wedding. They could have as well been guests at the wedding and not the ones getting married, if a separate seat had not been assigned to her and her parents. I fervently prayed for the ceremony to end as the glares I was getting were like that of hot knife through butter. I had no clue it was a ‘deeper life’ wedding, so my outfit was that befitting a wedding or rather the kinda weddings I’m used to where everyone is beautifully dressed. I wore an english bodycon white and black gown with turquoise heels, jewelry and make up and I felt complete as I styled my big curly hairdo (Won ma take! I thought to myself in Jenifa’s voice), little did I know that I was overdressed for this particular occasion. Not just me thankfully, my whole family actually…lol, though I stood out the most ‘cos I was wearing an English attire. As I sat in their midst, with my siblings beside me, praying this day would be over ASAP, my brother whispered in my ear that my uncle was calling me. If I could enter the ground I swear I would have, I had to walk right in front of all these people with their eyes on me to meet him, thankfully I didn’t trip or fall *whew (they woulda had a good laugh if I did I’m sure). I bent my knees as low as possible to greet him ‘cos that ground was rough and untarred and I wasn’t ready to stain my beautiful knees. He asked after my wellbeing in Yoruba and said it’s been a very long time since he had seen or heard from me, and that I was a big girl now o so hopefully it was my turn next. He said I should keep in touch and told me I could return to my seat. I could not believe my ears!! O.O This man had made me pass through these people I was trying to hide from just to tell me THAT!! He seriously couldn’t wait for the ceremony to be over.  I thanked him, secretly rolled my eyes and made my way back to my seat. The whole thing dragged for a long time, or maybe I thought so because it was soooooo boring. Once it ended, I took some pics with the couple, greeted the necessary people and swiftly collected the car keys from my dad and sat in the car *whew warraday! My folks who had gotten a good nap (*rme) during the ceremony greeted everyone, ate and wasted as much time as possible. Meanwhile my siblings had come to join me in the car to wait for them. They finally finished and we took some family pics with me having a small argument with the dull photographer who made us practically stare at the sun while using slow motion to take the pics *mschew.I was even more upset ‘cos we were going back to Akure and my parents still wanted to stop by in Ado to greet some friends.

My folk's Secondary school (Christ School Ado-Ekiti)

We finally started the trip back, we greeted their friends and some family and were on our way back to Akure around 8pm when other motorists told us to turn back ‘cos they were robbing @d front.
 My heart practically leapt into my mouth and trust my dad na, he did some James Bond U-turn and sped off in the other direction. The man gats fear na, as na him whole family he carry for motor. Long story short, we ended up spending the night in Ado.  I was thoroughly upset because that meant we would be on the road throughout the next day since we were supposed to go to Abuja. The next day came and when we got to Akure, my folks decided we were no longer going to Abuja and would spend an extra day in Abuja. They had forgotten the leave I took from work was exhausted and I had to resume at work the next day. I eventually had to take a public transport to Abuja when we got to Akure and I think that is the most stressful trip of my life so far!! The driver was super rough and he ended up spoiling something in the car just as we got into Abuja, which we spent almost 3hours fixing before getting back on the road to reach our destination. Thank God we got there safely.
My cutest dimpled find on the trip(Demi-Pie pie)
 I got home around 1am and boy was i glad to b home.I took a shower and hit the bed! What a trip!! All in all though I had a nice time. Toodles!XooX

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