Monday, 29 April 2013

Manchester United!! #20 Times #Champions #EPL

I'm not a football fan per se, i can stand to watch it and enjoy the thrills for a bit though but not the whole 90mins +. I got introduced to Manchester United by my 1st bf and i have stuck with the team ever since. We won the English Premier League and i can proudly say i watched most of the It feels good to belong to a team that is used to winning i must say, so i can rock my jersey (courtesy my S/O) proudly! : D. I'm also happy for Van Persie who just moved from Arsenal to Man U and is gonna get to finally lift the cup and i hear will get a Guard of Honor (whatever that is) from his former teammates. I know football and loyalty have a lot in common and people have been given the guy pain over changing teams so i'm glad for him! i'm not a fan of Arsenal from the jist i hear about them selling their players,not buying new players, etc. I shall not start a debate on that sha, anyways i don't blame the guy for moving to the winning team. UP Man U!!! loool. Toodles!XooX
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  1. For me, the best time to be proud of wearing your favorite team's jersey is when they've won a title. You know, I wore my Man U jersey when they lifted their 20th EPL trophy. Even if I was just watching at home, I felt very proud of the team. That was a historic moment too since it was the day when Sir Alex resigned as their manager. I hope that they still continue to be on top.

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  2. Hi jenine, sooo true!i did the same thing. It is quite historic and i hope they kip it up so i can rock my Jersey proudly. ;). we r co-ManU fans! Hi5!!lol.


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