Friday, 21 June 2013

Revenge of the Rats II

that big hole u see is thanks to the famished rats
The rats decided carting away my sponge (’t enough (of which I found it under my cooker while cleaning up the kitchen) and it was time for payback as I have starved them and tried to chase them away. First they broke my light bulb which is their ladder for coming into the kitchen and then dey tried another tactic to get my attention, they decided they would eat through the flexipipe under my kitchen sink. That totally got my attention!! My kitchen is split in 2 by a wooden demarcation ‘cos I’m not a fan of sharing or leaving open  to strangers the space I make my meals. Food is very sensitive; the foodstuff, the preparation and medium of taking it in (eating utensils), I feel safer/better knowing I am responsible for all. The kitchen got flooded ‘cos whenever my neighbours opened their tap it would flow through the connecting pipe to my side of the demarcation and all the water would end up on the floor thanks to eaten up pipe. I had to pay a plumber 3k for workmanship, transport and to buy the plastic type of pipe they can’t eat through, I also called a carpenter to seal off their ladder hole where my lamp holder is connected to and to paint the water soaked wood with oil paint and spray it with solignum to ward off termites (I no get power for any new fights) and that cost 5k. All together I spent 9k, plus my transportation from work to supervise the jobs *sigh, it is well. I would have loved to fumigate but that will involve my neighbours also relocating during the process and they are not down for that, hopefully these measures will deter them and send dem scurrying elsewhere to find food otherwise I will employ the use of rat gum, poison and the likes to get rid of them. Hope y’all are having a rodent free week unlike moi. 
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