Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Ankara Love!!!! ST Colours

I have soooooooooo many outstanding posts lined up for you guys. I have just been so swamped with work and not really been in writing mode. I will put up the posts soon though, i have managed to clear up my schedule a bit and i have drafted a couple of the posts. I promised Stephanie i would do a post on her website and i hate faltering on my promises so here goes.

I remember Stephanie from uni days because of her smile, it would just light up a room whenever she came in, when she reached out to me via mail to compliment my blog i was happy (i love any feedback i get as regards my blog). and then i went to her website and realized it was the lady with the beautiful smile and she apparently infected all her lovely models.

I am a lover of all things Ankara and colorful, although my wardrobe doesn't testify enough of my love, i think i have the right pieces to express my love to an extent. You can check out my pinterest board http://pinterest.com/jemimahnaa/all-things-ankara-similar/ which testifies my love to an extent. 

Oya straight to the matter, Stephanie's website(For Afrochics who want to express who they are) i totally love it!! Why? Not just 'cos of stephanie's smile o...lol..'cos she has some unique pieces. She makes African inspired Tees/Accessories/Bags/Ipad cases/Clutch purses
My favorite are:
1.Ankara Ruffle Brooch
2.Bow-Tie Brooch
3.Bow Alice Band
4.Flower Hair Comb (My fave)
6.The Afrochic collection (Dooooppppeeeee!!!)

The Lovely Stephanie behind ST Colours: All smiles
Smile Infected Model: Bow-Tie Brooch
Visit http://www.stcolours.com/ to check out her items and place your orders and thank me later :D. I'm definitely getting the hair combs and brooch tie!!
Please Share it! :)

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