Monday, 23 September 2013

New Exercise Regimen

Crunches, Squats, Lunges, Kickbacks, etc all sound so exhausting in name talkless of me even motivating myself to learn what they are and do them. I used to be quite the Fitness addict in school, it happened after I lived with a roommate who played basketball and would tell me to join her during workouts. Na so I waka from 1 situp/legup to 5 to 20 to 50 and next thing I knew I could do a 100 of each daily on a good day and do loads of stretching/yoga poses, I could even do the Chinese backwards bend without aid! I walked a lot!!and practically everywhere was far from the hostel in my Uni, you’d hardly ever see me  wear heels to class,  I was a master of flats and sandals. We also usually had a jogging session every month or so (though I don’t think it really helped anyone as it was not frequent enough) and I loved it, we’d jog to the school gate and back and I would feel the fat burn in my thighs as they start to itch. I kept this habit up a bit after school for about 3years or so and I’d go on long walks, use the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. I have been super lazy of late though as work and other life activities have piled on. I hardly do situps/legups anymore. My major help was exercise done back den and luckily I watch what/how/when I eat, otherwise I honestly think I’d be outta shape by now. That said, I definitely don’t wanna wait around till I’m outta shape before working on myself. I wanna be that hot and vibrant grandma that people keep guessing her age (color me vain but I go achieve my aim). 
So I have come up with a way to motivate myself, I love dancing, always have, always will so this is my new medicine to keep fit. I’m usually in zombie mode when I get up early in the morning and get ready for work but I’m n batman mode and sharper when I get back from work. For the past week now, when I get home, I put on my fave playlist and dance my heart out while incorporating all dose plenty names at the beginning of this post into my routine (works wonders!!see sweat!) after that I skip for as long as I can (sometyms 200-1leg/2legs) and stretch my body when I’m done all the while my ‘Gingering’ music is on.
I have been far more active in the morning since I started this regime and I think soon enough I’ll be able to do some skipping, situps/legups in the morning before heading to work (AMEN). My night routine also forces me to shower at night, ‘cos of the sweat, which is good for my skin and my brain even wakes up a bit and I can do some work/thinking before hitting the sack.
Why bother, some people may ask, you have a nice shape and flat tummy. I bother because I wanna keep it that way, fit, firm and active, not panting after climbing just 2flights of stairs and its also good for the health and immune system. I wanna form all the possible good habits I can so when I need them the most they are already there. I hope this post inspires someone to find their own fun way to keep fit and live healthy. 

When you love you, you will take proper care of all things pertaining to you and people will learn to love you for you.
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