Wednesday, 20 November 2013


You know how some brides can turn into bridezillas (godzilla’s bride) during their wedding period, sometimes it’s the mother of the bride that turns into mumzilla (godzilla’s mother). I happened to travel for a wedding in Calabar this weekend and encountered a mumzilla. My flight was moved 2hours ahead and I had to wait at the airport (crappy Nigerian Airlines that just take the piss, I wish they’d sign the consumer bill of rights into law, so they take their jobs more seriously or at least pay when they delay). I missed the traditional wedding and according to reports, the initial mumzilla action. I got to witness it the next day, after the initial yells for everyone to get up and shower, which is presumably normal on any wedding day. There was no light in the house and my phones were dead as well as that of another friend, we decide to head to the hotel to charge our phones and get dressed. Mumzilla happens to be sitting at the dining table and sees us leaving the house and she goes ‘I don’t understand why all of  you have to go to the hotel with her (the bride), you need to come back and pack souvenirs, that’s why you are here’. Seriously??? We travelled all the way just to pack souvenirs, thanks for the memo ‘cos it wasn’t received earlier!! *rme. We leave anyways ‘cos we know that’s not why we are there, when we were done in the hotel anyways we did come back to help with the souvenirs because the bride’s sister had a way better with words and was very nice to us. 

Next encounter with mumzilla was at the wedding reception when we couldn’t find the usher that was with the guestbook “why did you give an usher?! it should have been in ur custody! That is why you are here!”. Really??! We are here to pass around the guestbook, oh I’m so sorry, we forgot the ushers were just for decorative use. Mshew!rubbish! Anyways we eventually found the usher with the guestbook and handed it over to her. The wedding was finally over and mumzilla was out of our hair. She gradually returned back to human form but not without intermittent yells at the maids and whoever was in her way. My friend who had been there since the Wednesday of the weekend told us, we had not even seen anything, she had suffered more from mumzilla since she arrived early. She was yelled at that she was not a guest (although it was her first time in the house and she had taken out of her precious time to travel down early and support her friend) and she should prepare meals and serve the in-laws to be and she also tried to guilt trip her saying it was unfair of her to not help out as that’s why she was here.
It is actually unfair to the friends and guests of the bride to talk to them rudely or try to guilt trip them when you can just kindly ask for their help and appreciate their presence, the wedding would go on afterall if they were not present. Brides should try to caution their parents to be respectful when talking to their guests and friends. Mumzillas are just as bad Bridezillas and just as effective at ruining a wedding mood for everyone. Everyone should just breathe and plan ahead to avoid every last minute drama that tries to engulf you or your folks.
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