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Lagos Wedding (Last year's July post)

I have missed Lagos!!! although not everything about the city, especially not the traffic and light situation. Abuja has truly spoilt me and to think i found Abuja extremely boring when i first came here in 2008, now i'm more lenient with using the word 'boring' to describe Abuja. I lived in Lagos for about 18-19yrs and although i can now call myself an Abuja resident, i still visit Lagos whenever the opportuinity presents itself and most times that is via weddings.
my only pic with the couple.lool
I hadn't been to Lagos in about a year until this wedding popped up! My very close friend's younger sister was getting hitched and weeeeeeeeee Lagos here i come. lool.  I booked my flight to/fro on Aero Contractors Airline way before time in order to pay a lower fare. I have a post coming up about my experience on the aircraft so stay tuned for that. I arrived in Lagos and my friend Winnie picked me up (I hate paying cab fares anywhere in Lag especially airports 'cos Abuja makes it seem like a ripoff! so i was sure to make arrangements for my pickup early)
Bride's sis & I
This has to be the most fun I’ve had at a wedding in ages!!! The church sermon was brief and straight to the point (1st tym ever!!). The hymns were beautifully rendered by the choir although the bride came in a bit late in the middle of one of the hymns, everything still went well. Both the traditional wedding and church wedding were held on the same day.
Bride's sisters in traditional attire
Bride's sis & Friends
Bride's sisters
don't u jst love her gown!
We were there till the DJ packed up his equipment and the chandelier lights were turned off and the normal bulbs came on. You guys know how much I love dissecting the weddings I attend and how much fun I have at them. This wedding was partially on point, as much fun as I had, I’m only going to give it a pass mark because of how the food was served. As with most weddings I have attended, the food service was not good at all, there weren’t enough people to distribute the food to guests and the pangs of hunger was excruciating, moreso because the row of tables right in front of us had gotten their food and were gladly chomping away while we stared.
My friends & I
Myself and the Bride's sisters
I sat on the table with the family of the bride, her older sister and brother, while the rest of the family asides from the parents sat at the table in front of us also hungry. One of the guests was so hungry he went over to TFC to buy food.  The hunger was crazy because both the traditional and church wedding was held on the same day and although a cup of tea and sandwich was served at the traditional ceremony, it also didn’t go round, so you can imagine how hungry some people were including myself. We finally got food after some aunts of the bride went to go help out the caterers and noticed our predicament, to my surprise though, the food they brought was yam porridge! I have to say that was a first and not my favorite wedding meal.
I got to see many of my school friends I haven’t seen in a while which was really cool.
Reception Hall
Couples area
They did well in all the other respects though, the d├ęcor was on point and totally beautifully
The MC’s were great and cracked the guests up especially when it was time for the couple to cut the cake, they were made to act out a drama. They also made us recite the old Nigerian Anthem, to know the old people and some old advertisement songs (Limca,delta soap,crush, etc.) as well, was loads of fun!
The entertainment was awesome too, Tosin Martins did a rendition of his song ‘Olo mi’ and Obiwon performed ‘obi mu o’ and two other people I did not know performed some songs
The dancing was the highlight of the evening! The DJ carried all the guests along, I could not stop dancing and it seems everyone was infected as well. We did a line dance, formed a circle and danced around the couple and there were some mini group choreography. His songs ranged from old school (Thriller,) to new school (Limpopo, azonto and the likes)to rap (I woke up in a new Bugatti, started from the bottom now we here) and the parents had their dose of traditional music with the traditional dancers before we the youths took over the dance floor.
the waiters joined in n did a fun impromptu dance 
a guest joined in
we had to do a salsa line dance!
my i'm in the zone crazy dance look. lol. me sef no carry last :D
I also got some souvenirs which was nice.The couple danced till they could dance no more and were a real sweet sport.
Groovy new couple
can u tel dey loves to dance?we formed a dancing circle round dem
I went home tired and excited, I got to eat a lot of cake :D and take some back with me to Abuja since I was resident at the house of the Bride’s family.

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