Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Boo's bday

SOooo as y'all know i v a boo, significant other, bf, etc. wateva it's called these days. lol .yup yup. His bday happens to be in the same month as mine, December and i decided to go all out gift-wise for it. I am grateful to God for giving him to me and blessed to have him in my life. The major gift i got for him was a PS4 (Most men are crazy about games and my boo is one of them). I had planned with my cousin in Canada and sent money down for her to help me get it as soon as it came out over there. It cost $500 (it was sold out in stores n she had to buy it off someone) and she was able to get him 1 game (Fifa 14 which cost 'bout $60) to accompany it. Plenty long things and finally we had to ship it to America which cost bout $60 so my friends sister who was coming back to Nigeria from there could help me bring it down (Shipping it to Nigeria from Canada would have been super duper pricey and i wasn't ready for that). I decided to get him another game (Call of Duty Ghosts which cost 'bout $60) so he wouldn't get bored with the football one. You can still get one for una bf o, the prices should have come down now and i think its available in Nigeria.
I had the perfect gift to surprise my man!i was so excited, just for this my otondo boo to pick me up one day and tell me he has a surprise for me, he then tells me he jst paid for a PS3 and some games and would be picking it up later. OMG!!!WTH!!! I was furious! How could dis man just ruin my perfect surprise like this na! Anyways i had to let the cat out of the bag and he felt so bad that he ruined the surprise but was so overwhelmed about it afterwards and couldn't believe i had gone through all that trouble to get him such an awesome gift *quirky grin* Yeah, i'm awesome like that!Lool, he musta thought i haven't been seeing the joy in him whenever he plays these games at his friend's place. *smh. Anyways the game couldn't make it to Nigeria before his birthday (December 6) so i had to make alternate plans for him to have a special day. 
I ordered a smiley cake which did not turn out quite as what i described but wasn't far off either and tasted really yummy, we had a very small dinner with friends when we got back from work, laughed and jisted and then cut the cake while singing happy birthday for him, he was grinning like a Cheshire cat, which made dis lil lady very happy :D.
My presence was one of the things that made him really happy 'cos i was supposed to have travelled for a wedding that weekend and i wouldn't have been around for his birthday but the tailor messed me up (my outfit wasn't ready and i could not reach him-watch out for my tailor vex post *sigh* i gotta learn to sew real soon mehn) so i had to miss the wedding.


The next day was a Saturday and i had booked a Spa treat for him (Men like pampering too) -Hammam & Facials at Bnatural Spa, Abuja (cost ~ N26k) and i left him in their able hands while i went to the salon. He picked me up from the salon after he was done and couldn't stop gushing about how clean and relaxed he felt, now i was the one that had the Cheshire cat grin. 

I told him his birthday treat wasn't over and we headed down to Quarter Cafe, Abuja (i found it through my Foursquare app after plenty research for a nice pancake spot, will do a review post on them later)-a very awesome coded cafe in the heart of Wuse 2. We were practically alone there, which was really nice, and we sat outside while we waited for our order and chatted away. We had the Oreo pancakes with white chocoloate,milk chocolate, caramel & honey toppings (i was in sweet tooth heaven!)  and wee have been faithful customers ever since, i've even ordered a delivery before when i was feeling too lazy to dress up and go there and of course trust me to have shared my new addiction with my friends.
Things may not always go exactly as planned but we have to learn to enjoy the moments and be grateful for what we have. I'm happy to have been priviledged to give him such an awesome birthday treat and gift.
Ladies lets learn to pamper our men with loving gestures and gifts, they love it as much as we do. Till the next post.
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  1. You are such a correct girlfriend, I bet your bf appreciates you a lot...happy belated birthday to him

  2. tnx dear! He does.we need to remember men like gifts and pampering just as much as we women and it makes them feel loved too, even if they act all Macho n don't ask for it. He's now ma hubby :D

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