Friday, 25 April 2014

Blog Updates. Mumzilla Baby

Hello ma peeples!!! v missed y'all on here and glad to have bombarded y'all with a no. of pending posts. There's been a lot going on with me and will do more posts on that soon, what motivated this though was a friend who buzzed me about one of my blog posts "Mumzilla"(by the way this post was since Nov 2013) that the person's mom i was referring to read it today and was pissed and that i insulted her mum-which i did not (Mumzilla is not an insult, its a word used to describe an irate/impatient reaction one gives at a particular instance under pressure e.g. weddings. Same as Bridezilla is used often to describe brides that go into control-freak mode before/during their wedding). I really wish i can be bothered and honestly i can't. I did not reveal her or her mum's name or put them on blast by spreading the post, i wrote the post the same way i usually do about any other wedding experiences i post on here (with no bias on relationships that exist between the subject of the post and myself) which are quite a no. 
Also none of the things i said was a lie, mayb another writer may have put it more subtly or sugarcoated it. I'm glad it motivated me to do some updates though. One of my friends tried to make me feel bad about the post talking 'bout it's different just complaining about it than blogging it, she claimed the chic who's mum i referred to in the post did not send her to ask me about it and she just felt she should. I made it clear to her that it's my blog and i can write what i want to, i can decide to be discreet or to mention names, my blog is my way of complaining/appreciating or just documenting stuff that i want to. If the person in question gets to stumble on the post or find it and 'deciphers' that it's bout them i can't help that but it beats justifying that it's ok to complain behind the person's back and then saying that me blogging bout same is a new low and disappointing. It's my opinion and i have a right to expressing it the way i want. Anyone that has any issue with it can start their own blog (Honestly blogs r free for all, anyone that has a computer and internet can type away and publish-its that easy, no creativity needed). and if i were to stumble on someone's blog and 'decipher' something not nice about me in it, i'd take a lesson from it, shrug it off and move on instead of acting all sanctimonious or thinking everyone has a vendetta or personal beef with me, especially if i know what was written aint a lie. That's that about that peeps! 

More posts coming soon my lovelies!! :* :D ;)
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