Tuesday, 14 October 2014

20 Random Facts about me

I read this tag on Vera's blog and it was a pretty fun read so i decide to do the tag. This is the 1st tag i'm ever trying out so i hope u guys enjoy it. Here goes :D

  1. Long pending blogpost on this but give or take i've been married for about 5months now 
  2. I love the color green, anyone that knows me knows this, i've even had green contactsfor a while and they looked fab although maybe scary to some people
  3. I'm super animated and love to use exclamations, lols and emoticons 
  4. I've been natural (hair-relaxer free) for about 5years now and i'm a lazy natural (meaning my fave hairstyle with my hair is a ponytail or bun *covers face)
  5. I love to travel and hopefully will touch all the continents in my lifetime, so far i've been to Singapore, Dubai, Ghana and the UK.
  6. I have a bit of OCD when it comes to keeping things orderly and clean
  7. I have had a diary since my secondary school days, i love to write about each day of my life and i think this has helped my memory. You'd be surprised by the no. of things i can vividly recall from my past
  8. I love reading! (Novels, Magazines, Blogs, etc)lool.i read the most random things just for the sake of it
  9. My fave food is Pounded yam (not the Poundo Powder o! i'm a mix of Ondo and Ekiti state and thats pounded yam is like our taditional meal so trust me when i say i can taste the differece) and Edikaikong soup and i can make it. Check out Dooney's blog for the recipe
  10. I love being around water bodies *lakes, beaches, pools, etc. at some point i thot i was a mamiwater sef.lool. i just like the peace and calm that they usually have around them when its not crowded with people
  11. I love Korean series!!! Huge addict thanks to Lee Min Ho (google him if u don't know the hotness that is he), my fave till date is still 'Boys before flowers'
  12. I'm a Youtube addict. I follow soo many channels and can spend the whole day on there
  13. I have big feet, i'm a size 40/41
  14. My fave games are sudoku and scrabble. i'm not a big fan of playing outdoor sports 'cos i'm too scared of embarrassing myself but i'd gladly cheer my friends on though
  15. I'm a Capricorn and ESFJ personality type
  16. I love nail varnish and admire all the colors and design but rarely have them on because it really irks me when they get chipped
  17. I have a massive sweet tooth!and i don't even try to curb it although i successfully cut out soft drinks totally when i was in Uni
  18. My weight has always been between 54 and 58kg since i reached adulthood no matter how much or little i eat *shrug
  19. I love to dance!OMG actually this should be my fave sport, lol.i randomly do moves at home or work just for the fun of it. *i'm weird like that
  20. I have the most random taste in music and movies from genre to language. I have my Chinese, Korean, Indian, South African, Ghanian, etc. You catch my drift, language is no barrier for my love.
  21. I love writing to-do lists and linking it to my calendar and reminders. Ticking them off gives me some kind of inner joy i can't explain and also keeps me on track of things i need to get done and the timelines
  22. I'm not the most patient person, i have a short fuse but i get over things just as quickly
  23. I love to do things in my own unique way which is why i did 23 facts instead of 20 for this post. #sueme :P :D
I hope you guys enjoy this post and please feel free to join the tag or just comment bout random facts about you. I'm sure u'r used to my AWOL mode by now *biko (pls) bear with moi. juggling a lotta stuff @the moment (moving to a new house n setting it up, attending weddings, work, chilln with friends, etc. blogposts coming soon on all of these. don't wait sha o 'cos honestly i can only write when my 'writing mojo' is flowing, which it happens to be at the moment, so i'll drop about 2 more posts before it runs out. lool).
Please Share it! :)

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