Saturday, 23 May 2015

Feeling Blue or Bored?

1st thing Exit IG,Twitter,Snapchat,Whatsapp n FB. All the Social Media you are on. Take a break from it all.

Put on the lights

Take a Cold or Warm Shower

Exercise (it supposedly releases happy hormones)


Scream @ a Wall (let out emotion)

Eat something fresh n sweet and small portions (so you don't feel weighed down)

Count your blessings


Tune into YouTube- Check for funny videos, dance videos, life hacks n inspirational/motivational type videos to boost your morale. Dance videos usually do the trick for me- Azonto competition vids, Beyonce's 7/11, Indomie, Shoki, Les twins n other pro-dancers n d likes. Comedy vids also set me straight- African comedians, A.Y, Bovi or whatever's your cup of tea. Reading online also works for me: Fiction- thenakedconvos, Short Stories- Naija short stories, Blogs- Verastic, naijahusband, etc.

You aint got internet? no problem,create a playlist of songs that get u happy,hyper n in a dance mood and get ur dancing groove on, you can watch urself dancing in a mirror for the fun of it or dance along to your fave dance video.

Music is not your thing? noting do you,maybe movies or series is d tin for u,not depressing stuff oo, anything u enjoy that gets ur spirits up.For me its animation especially old Disney toons or Despicable Me-those minions!lol, i can't get enough of them.

Not a movies person either?o ga oo. Novels or Inspirational/Motivational books may be ur cup of tea then.Can be anything from Science fiction to romance,animation (Archers is d way for me) anything that can grab and keep ur attention and even make you laugh.

You are not in the mood for any of these, then you might wanna Take a stroll, Write out your thoughts or pending tasks, Do some cleaning and De-cluttering, Visit a gallery, Go shopping, Have a long refreshing bath/shower, Eat some sweet fruit (added this just 'cos I'm a sweet tooth n it works for me), Go swimming, Exercise, Walk, Play a sport (Tennis, Basketball, Football, Polo, Golf, Squash, etc-whatever floats ur boat n that u enjoy), Play a game (candy crush,subway surfer,diner dash,ludo, sudoku n soo many other games r out there), Visit/Skype a friend,talk to ur friends 'bout random happy stuff , Go to the spa, go karaoke-ing or bowling (you'd be surprised how de-stressing singing along can be).

Anything logical that will get you out of the blues/boredom mode is on the table-just DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF WALLOW in pity or allow bad emotions n stress build up. When all else isn't working- Pray & Take a nap. Things always seem better/clearer after a nap.
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